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    Heartbreaker... Never Stand In Hells Way

    Song: Let It Rock ~ Kevin Rudolf
    Those who stand in Hell's Way do not stand for long nor lament the passing of darkness when their eyes no longer see and there is no life to know warmth from the rising Sun.
    Isambard Octavius Carver came to the New World as an explorer and antiquarian who found wealth in the American Slave Trade. His ships brought indentures from Europe, slaves from Africa and expatriated Natives to the Caribbean for his share of wealth from the lucrative sugar trade. From this, he would found a secretive branch of the Hellfire Club in the British Colony of New York as a seeker of forbidden knowledge. Through this, Isambard was made aware that the Mi'kmaq tribe of New France (now Canada) were somehow connected to the Knights Templar and became intrigued.

    Through cruelty and torture, he forced the Mi'kmaq to tell him of Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia and what lay hidden there. Locating a hoard of Templar wealth, Isambard used it to make members of the Order of Baphomet some of the most powerful individuals in the English Colonies. Although loyal to the British king, Isambard would be found murdered at the onset of the American Revolution and his son William Ambrose Carver inherited his estate. Unlike his father, William supported the war hoping to found an American monarchy with himself well-placed within it to eventually become its king.


    William had become married to a woman named Amélie Pelletier-Archambault who had been bred to assume reins of power equal to any man. She was the driving force behind her husbands' thirst for power motivated by a desire to regain family holdings in Luisiana Española of El Imperio Español (Spanish Louisiana of the Spanish Empire) lost when New France was ceded to England and Spain following the French and Indian War. After the war, William became a New York State Senator and hoping to stop the passage of anti-slavery laws that threatened his wealth and power.

    This led to his supporting Nathaniel Gorhams efforts to get Prince Henry of Prussia to become king of a Constitutional Monarchy. When he refused, William turned his attention to grooming George Washington to become king only to have him refuse as well choosing to become President of a new Constitutional Republic instead. A former slave known as Maman Brigitte, after the Death Loa in Vodou, within the Order of Baphomet now became involved in his efforts. William then began relocating his slaves to what had been La Basse-Louisiane where Amélie's family had regained holdings from the Spanish Crown.


    Williams connections had given Brigitte access to Vice President Aaron Burr with details about the Third Treaty of San Ildefonso. Brigette would then whisper details about Spain secretly returning Louisiana to France to then President Thomas Jefferson culminating in the Louisiana Purchase without the approval of Congress. This further destabilized a young nation on the verge of tearing itself apart with New York leading the way to secede from the Union. When Aaron Burr was exposed trying to become Governor of New York for this purpose, Brigette exploited him to set new plans in motion.

    Their new objectives were to secede the Louisiana Territory into a new nation called Les états-unis de Louisiane (The United States of Louisiana) that would be controlled by the Order of Baphomet. The Aaron Burr Conspiracy (as it was later called) would have created a new créole nation including Louisiana, Texas and Mexico had it succeeded. Amélies parents, Jean-Jacques and Sigolène Archambault, lived in the area of St. Jean du Vermilionville (now Lafayette, Louisiana) where William Carver relocated when his dreams of marching on Washington D.C. evaporated with Aaron Burr's failure.


    Successfully concealing his family's involvement in these affairs, William began exploiting Acadian refugees who arrived following the French and Indian War. He then formed an even more extreme branch of the Hellfire Club called the Culte de Salomé dedicated to nothing less than unleashing Hell on Earth. A British detective named Sir Benjamin Hart had come to the United States tracking the movement of Hellfire Club members. Hart had been investigating allegations that Benjamin Franklin was a member and possibly had been involved in mysterious disappearances.

    Benjamin Hart was extremely successful at solving crimes that others could not and his pride demanded that his skills be appreciated. Finding himself helping the "Yanks" in their efforts to find evidence against those involved in the Burr Conspiracy, Hart discovered the activities of William Ambrose Carver. Tracking him to Louisiana, Hart informed the local militia about the Culte de Salomé and a man named Sébastien de Bellemonte led them to Carver's mansion killing everyone they found. Bellemonte then seized Carvers holdings and sent Hart packing with enough money to conceal everything he knew about what they had done.


    The Summer of 1968 was as long as it was hot in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana. Anthony and Lorraine Hart had arrived in Broussard, Louisiana seeking a new beginning for a troubled marriage. They had inherited property in Côte Gelée Swamp from a distant relative named Margaux Séraphine de Bellemonte that they had never heard of before. While the locals offered them hospitality, they weren't happy to have strangers in their midst. However, the probate attorney handling the will had informed them that they had to live at the estate as a condition of the inheritance and they were determined to stay.

    Jennifer Hart was named the principal heir for reasons unknown. She was the older of the Harts two daughters and had endured a lifetime of surgeries to correct several birth defects. Students at school gave her the nickname of Frankenstein knowing how hurtful it was but also knowing she was exceptionally powerful. A schoolyard fight had resulted in the death of a bully by her hands and her father, a successful New York attorney, lost his license defending her. Crippling debts followed so that they really had no choice but to adhere to the terms of the will.


    Driven out to the middle of nowhere, they were taken to a manor overgrown with so many trees that they never could have found it on their own. Part of Bellemont Mansion had been maintained by its former owner so that it was live in ready. The estate came with liquid assets totaling over twenty million dollars that included money for a full restoration of the property. Jennifer would be away for most of the first year undergoing a final round of surgeries bringing an end to this torturous period in her life. For all that she had endured, Jennifer never saw herself as a victim because her father was always there to help her live with the pain.

    To celebrate her final surgery, her father allowed her to get her first tattoo which Jennifer created herself patterned on her favorite heavy metal band. She deceived her father into letting her get the tattoo without him watching and to say he wasn't pleased to see it was a sabbatic goat after the work was done would be an understatement. Anthony found a way of forgiving his daughter over a shared chocolate milkshake and a joke about the figure being the spitting image of her maternal grandmother. More body art was to follow covering up additional scars and discoloration providing Jennifer with newfound confidence.


    Modesty wasn't a virtue for Jennifer as she viewed her body as a work in progress and had developed a muscular, athletic physique. It was her revenge against those who had treated her like a monster that she was becoming physically attractive even for the scars. She was taller than other girls her age and stronger than most adults so that she had to control her more violent tendencies. Boxing proved an outlet for her that she enjoyed with her father as she was rather tomboyish and chose to be the son he would never have. Should anyone misunderstand, she liked feminine things and her favorite color was pink.

    Jennifers friends tended to be fellow outcasts that she took under her wing protecting them against bullies and adults alike. They gave her the nickname "Daddy's Girl" because of the pink heart tattooed on her left forearm with those words emblazoned upon it. She invited her friends to the mansion regularly to explore the surrounding ruins and to stay out of her mother's hair. Lorraine Hart held only contempt for Jennifer blaming her for all their problems and viewing her as an embarrassment when compared to her youngest daughter Katrina (aka "Lil Miss Perfect").


    Her father had regained his license to practice law and used his skills defending the community on several legal matters. His position within the community led him to the Mayor's office while Lorraine's abilities as a community organizer brought new growth and investment. But, Anthony always made time to spend with Jennifer. While hunting with her in Devils Bayou the following year, they discovered a wrecked 1950 Mercury Eight that had been abandoned some years before. Having it towed back to the mansion, it would be the perfect father/daughter project in the old Italianate style tower they had converted into a garage.

    The top floor of the tower had been converted into an exercise room for Jennifer when she was angry. It also served as a location called "Devils Tower" in the role-playing games she played with her friends within which the Mercury became known as The Demon of Devils Tower. It was due to her love for roleplay that people ignored her when they heard her talking to herself as if it were just Jennifer pretending again. Had anyone known the secrets contained within Jennifer's diaries, however, they might have taken this more seriously. Then came an ever-increasing silence from her until the only one she spoke with was her father and a few friends.


    By the time Jennifer was sixteen, it had become clear that the only thing making her parents man and wife was a piece of paper. It was a marriage of convenience where they pretended to be happily married because they were leaders in the community. Lorraine had developed a drinking problem which exposed their children to other indiscretions on her part and the two were sleeping in separate bedrooms. They began to quarrel more often and it was during one of these quarrels that their car plunged over a cliff slamming into the rocks below killing Anthony Hart on impact.

    Lorraine survived with cuts, bruises and a few broken bones lucky that their car didn't explode on impact. Within days, a new Mayor was appointed who was already familiar to the children as their mother had entertained him on more than one occasion in their home. There would be no autopsy as Lorraine had Anthony's body cremated so that one could never be performed. Jennifer's reaction to all this was silence as she knew what her mother had done even if it would never be proven. Jennifer stole her fathers' ashes which she mixed with paint and sprayed it on the Demon to keep his spirit with her forever.


    The only person in the world that truly loved her was now gone and Jennifer was beginning to allow her hatred of the world to consume her. She was becoming more violent and unpredictable taking up a macabre interest in taxidermy and disappearing for days at a time. Her father had developed her interest in taxidermy (which he referred to as rescuing the dead) but he was never very good at it while she became quite adept. New ink was also added to her body portraying her love for her father, reflecting their happiness while also expressing the anger that now consumed her with his loss.

    With Katrina's sixteenth birthday fast approaching, Lorraine saw an opportunity to exploit the event and improve her own standing in the community. Organizing a formal débutante ball to introduce Katrina to the world alongside other young women reaching marrying age. On the eve of the grand event, Jennifer's friends had been invited to keep her occupied in the newly renovated west wing. While exploring some caves when one of them discovered a doorway leading to a subterranean level they had never explored before. Being young and impulsive, it never really occurred to them there could be hidden dangers.


    As guests began arriving the following afternoon, word reached Lorraine that Jennifer was at Devil's Tower. Sending someone to check on her, they returned with word that the exercise room was torn apart and that it looked like she had taken a sledgehammer to the walls. Lorraine gave it no further thought as Jennifer had been releasing her rage like this, on occasion, since her fathers' death. As the hallway clock rang announcing it was six in the evening, a clap of thunder rang out and people began to notice a storm moving in. Heavy rains had fallen the night before and flash flood warnings were in effect but being ignored.

    After introducing Katrina, the nights activities shifted to Lorraine as she intended and no one suspected anything amiss other than a storm seemed to be moving in. As the storm grew in intensity, it knocked out the electricity and candles were lit. A groundskeeper was called for to go turn on the backup generators as a downpour began that quickly became so strong guests couldn't even see their vehicles. Accommodations were being made for the guests to stay over if they found themselves stranded by the storm. A lightning strike then blew out the power generators and what electricity arrived through county power lines flickered on and off.


    At first, none knew what was happening as people began to disappear one by one. When they began to realize something was amiss, they grouped together for protection because there was nowhere else for them to go. These weren't helpless people as many of them possessed firearms and there were weapons throughout the mansion even if they might be improvised. Then came another flash of lightning illuminating a shadowy figure silhouetted against the backdrop of a large plate glass window. Above them stood a woman wearing the remains of a once beautiful silk dress now soaked red with blood.

    Leaping down among them, she split open the head of one guest with an ax. Some of the guests scattered while others pulled their guns opening fire on the woman. Although their bullets were clearly cutting through her, they only succeeded in causing her to slump over. The men who then rushed at her went flying back across the room with the sickening sound of bones breaking in the neck of one she held aloft holding them with one arm. Some ran out into the storm before Lorraine finally recognized the devils mask and fetishwear the woman was wearing beneath the dress... and the realization it was Jennifer must have overcome her!


    The following morning, rescuers made their way to the Bellemonte Mansion on behalf of family and friends of those gathered there the previous night. What they found was an absolute bloodbath. Even before they reached the mansion, they found the first victims crashed on side of the road shot dead with arrows. When they reached the mansion, more bodies lay in the yard even before they gained access to the carnage inside the mansion. Police called for reinforcements and the National Guard arrived to offer assistance who had been sandbagging nearby.

    The only survivors had been butchered so badly that they had been left for dead. Katrina was among these having been thrown through the plate glass window onto a spiked fence below. They would tell the harrowing story of the night before and how Jennifer Hart was the one behind it all. Law enforcement didn't know what to make of their stories. Either a gang of murderers had done this or they were dealing with something paranormal, something not uncommon at Devil's Bayou. Within hours, agents representing the covert government agency Dark Op's in Louisiana were on the scene investigating the supernatural aspects of what had taken place.


    Agent Ginger Nix took command of the scene and was called to examine a particular body impaled naked on a wall ripped open and dressed out like a butchered deer. Also missing was the front of her skull as it had been smashed and broken away with witnesses saying the killer was wearing it later during the mayhem. Being empathic and using her extrasensory perception, Agent Nix knew that this was the mother of the mass murderer. Through her, Agent Nix learned about Jennifer and eventually found her way to the subterranean areas where she found Jennifer's friends had been slain.

    Events from centuries past became revealed to her as visions allowing her to bear witness to history. She would see natives slaughtered by the French, the building of the mansion and the activities of the Culte de Salomé which had been unknown to her organization. She bore witness to the killing of the cult members, the burning of their bodies and then collapsing part of the mansion on top of them. But, there had been an unseen survivor rescued by Sébastien de Bellemonte and taken as his wife by which his own children would be born.


    Named Hélène, she had been bred to host the demoness Salomé to bring her father Baron Samedi (Baphomet) into the world of men. It was within her that the seed of evil had been placed and passed on, through marriage, until manifesting within Jennifer Hart. Her mothers full name had been Lorraine Bellemont Carver and her father was a descendant of Benjamin Hart bringing those bloodlines together. Agent Nix was an expert in her field because of her abilities, but even these have their limits as she can only see flashes of history connected to her investigations.

    Thus, she only sees the strongest flashpoints and beings like Jennifer Hart cause her great distress because of the pain surrounding them and because they are reincarnate. She had seen when Jennifer discovered the lower levels when workmen removed rubble exposing the hidden doorway. When Jennifer entered into the heart of darkness where she discovered a grimoire hidden by Maman Brigitte and which became opened by unseen hands... and Jennifer reading from the book completing the ritual begun centuries before. Her innocence lost and possessed by the demoness, Jennifer's bloodlust erupted in a murderous frenzy she couldn't control.


    His death caused something within Jennifer to snap and when the Demon came to life, it seemed to give Jennifer the power to exorcise Salomé from her. However, the demoness had influenced Jennifers awakening as a member of the Unholy so that there are demonic elements to her appearance and nature. Jennifer was now something different than she had been, something darker and driven by violence. Agent Nix now understood what it was she was dealing with as she was familiar with the Unholy. However, the Unholy cannot be killed once they become self-aware of what they are and imprisoning them can be difficult.

    Each member of the Unholy is different so that there is no one given way to bring them down or protect yourself against them. Agent Nix determined also that Jennifer was a type of Wraith called a Crym dubh and her agents were not prepared to do battle with a creature like this. Calling to Dark Op's agents known as Men in Black, she ordered them to get the soldiers and police out of the area as all they could do was die trying to subdue their target. Calling everyone back to their base of operations to better prepare and do a head count of the casualties, Agent Nix was in for yet another unpleasant surprise.


    As they gathered together, the sound of music could be heard from Devil's Tower followed by the roar of thunder. The Demon then exploded forth through a hail of gunfire before disappearing into the surrounding haze. This had been totally unexpected as wraiths take many forms, but finding one was rare enough... finding two was unheard of let alone being connected as these two obviously were. Agent Nix called in a fixer to collect the bodies and begin the coverup. She and this fixer, Agent Michael Dare, would then be assigned the Jennifer Hart case and it would be Dare who gave her the codename Heartbreaker.

    Over the years that followed, agents Nix and Dare would pursue Jennifer succeeding only in protecting some of her intended victims. When she learned of the codename given to her, she began integrating hearts into her methodology to tease and taunt the agents pursuing her. One weakness they exploit on occasion is calling her Frankenstein as anyone doing this will attract her murderous rage towards them. The trauma of her childhood still exists within Jennifer and can affect her in different ways. Speaking of her father can calm her while bullies and snobs need to remain clear of her as she has a strong hatred for such people.


    When Benjamin Hart accepted the payoff to conceal what he knew about what happened to the Culte de Salomé, he placed a curse upon his own bloodline. Whether or not it was an actual curse, his family remained involved in law enforcement and each generation was marked by some sort of corruption. But, they were also known for dogged determination and success in crime solving although each also met with a tragic end. It is for this reason that her father was a good man who dearly loved his eldest daughter but he was corrupted in his legal practices... until being exposed breaking the law while trying to protect Jennifer.

    The Demon may, or may not, be possessed by the spirit of her father. Darkness had always been a part of Jennifer passing from mother to daughter, made toxic by a body wracked with pain and nurtured by a mothers mistreatment. Only her father's love preserved the good within her and his death began her downfall. So, it is possible that the Demon is a manifestation of that fatherly love rather than actually being her father. Heartbreaker doesn't actually drive the Demon as the two seem completely separate. But where the Demon goes, Hell and Heartbreaker are soon to follow.

    Powers & Abilities ~

    A Crym dubh is a type of wraith that seeks to extinguish its bloodline and whose IQ level seems responsive more than constant and often seems to function on instinct rather than with forethought. This explains why she seems like a mindless killing machine one moment, then is speaking the next while being silent most of the time. Wraiths of this type are extremely difficult to destroy because they are linked to a living bloodline which preserves them until they, or it, are extinguished. But, in Jennifer Harts case, she is Unholy which means she cannot be destroyed and her powers are much greater than other wraiths of this type.

    On multiple occasions, it was thought that Jennifer had been stopped or even destroyed only to return. Her ability to heal is rather enigmatic. A bullet to the head might seemingly kill her one moment and the next, it barely slows her down. She has had her head blown off and was once decapitated only to pick her head up and put it back in its place. She was once pushed into a vat of acid only to be reborn in the body of a young cousin who had recently died. This ability is due to her links to the bloodline she's trying to exterminate whether it be Bellemonte, Carver, Hart or goes by some other name. None suspect it's her until the killing starts anew and the Demon makes its appearance.


    The Carver family bloodline descends from a mysterious, demon-like entity called the Baphomet. Known since the time of the Neanderthal, this demons ultimate goal seems to be possessing such a wraith once they have eliminated their bloodline. But, any claim the Baphomet thinks he has upon her has been proven wrong on more than one occasion. Heartbreakers powers are those of a wraith and her senses are only adept enough to track her victims to a general area. Beyond this, she must get close to them to sense they are related and then comes the hunt.

    Jennifers IQ level seems responsive more than constant and often seems to function on instinct rather than with forethought. This seems to affect when she chooses to speak as she generally speaks only when she's thinking rather than in mindless killing machine mode. While she most often uses weapons of opportunity, Heartbreaker has the ability to summon two daggers with handles made from human bone, a pump action shotgun or even a crossbow. While slow and methodical, that's only to better scope her surroundings as she can be fast and her strength levels increase based on stress.


    Heartbreaker fashions masks by breaking the skull of a victim often combining this with items like gas masks and horns. These broken skulls merge with her own flesh which allows her to transform herself into the person the skull belonged to whether they are male or female for brief periods. This ability often occurs when she's trying to get information or just wants to have some fun without anyone knowing it's her. Her hair became pink, her eyes and sharpened nails are red, and she has two small red horns on her forehead. She has a love for fetishwear but tends to wear what seems to be a red latex body suit.

    The Demon shares most of Jennifer's qualities. It can be destroyed but will recreate itself from another vehicle in response to Heartbreakers need for it. Where she tends to be more a creature of finesse and sensuality, the Demon is pure destructive force! Because it has recreated from other vehicles, the Demon possesses many modern technological advances and a sound system that Heartbreaker loves to jam to. Yet, on one occasion when it seemed she was about to be captured, the two became merged into a shapeshifting armored cyborg revealing she can become far more powerful should the need arise.

    Spirit Beasts ~

    Like all Unholy, Heartbreaker has spirit beasts. The most powerful of these is a chimera possessing the body and head of a pitbull terrier, a leopards legs, a falcons claws, the fangs of a spitting cobra, a chameleons ability to camouflage itself, a bulls horns and a coachwhip like tail tipped with a scorpions sting that it uses like an actual whip. She calls this beast Ogún after the Loa known as the "God of Iron". Ogún can appear as an ordinary black pitbull or her oversized crossbow with arrows that range in size from normal to spear-sized.

    Another is a skunk as Heartbreaker has no issue with "skunking" an adversary. The skunk also transforms into her shotgun which not only fires explosive bursts, it fires shells with overpowering stench and is worse than teargas. The third spirit beast Heartbreaker possesses is a goat. The goat becomes her daggers and its disembodied bleating is used for effect to create anxiety and confusion. But, it is in combining the spirit beasts that the greatest manifestation of their power emerges... they become the Demon! Although few have ever seen this transformation, it explains where the Demon comes from and that she doesn't need her spirit beasts to create her weapons.

    • Real Name ~ Jennifer Hart
    • Marital Status ~ Single // Children ~ None
    • Date of Birth ~ October 31, 1960 // Place of Birth ~ Stervenburg, Louisiana
    • Race / Ethnicity ~ Caucasian // Gender ~ Female // Occupation ~ N/A
    • Hair ~ pink // Eyes ~ red // Height ~ 5ft 10in // Body Type ~ Toned/Muscular
    • Group Affiliation ~ N/A // Legal Status ~ Fugitive
    • Classification ~ Villain // Supernatural Classification ~ Wraith/Crym dubh
    • Relatives ~ Anthony Hart (father), Lorraine Hart (mother), Katrina Hart (sister)
    • Strength Level ~ Class 2 (But can increase to level 5 when merged with the Demon) // Endurance ~ Class 9
    • Known Aliases ~ Salomé
    • Citizenship ~ United States

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