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    We have terrible news

    On Sunday, September the 08th at 10 AM our home, that was my husband's pride and joy caught fire and we barely got out with the clothes on our backs and our precious pets. I was able to pull my computer out of the mess after the firemen said it was ok to go back in and I sincerely hope that my son can pull the files off of it so that I can get back to my artwork but it will be a while. Things can be replaced but some things, like my late father's oil paintings will never be replaced as well as my late mother in law's quilts and all of my craft work that I have done over the last 20 plus years. But I'm trying to keep a positive outlook and move forward with making new memories. I don't know how to attach a before and an after of our house on the form but it's horrendous.

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    Terrible news! Though I am happy to hear both of you are okay. The most important thing is that you both are together as this is when you need each other the most. Everything else is just material items. I am sure the pets are greatful too. The latest DSA site is "" Steve is trying to change a few things.

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    The good thing is everyone survived. While things can't be replaced, you still have your memories of them and things are about creating memories rather than just the mere possession of them.

    I do hope you're able to get some of the things back though as the thing about memories is you're always hoping to create new ones and to share the things that create them.

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    oh I am so sorry to hear this and sorry that I am so late reading it. I'm hoping that you're beginning to get your lives back together now, and have somewhere safe to live. I cannot imagine how awful it must be to lose everything ... I can only compare to when we lived in a rented house (originally built in the 17th century) which began to fall down whilst we were living in it. We could hear the wallpaper ripping as the gable end wall gradually separated from the rest of the house. The house was condemned and we hadd nowhere to go with a 7 year old daughter and several cats. We lived in the outhouses for a while before friends stepped in and then we finally found another place to live. However although we lost our home and felt totally dehumanised by the way the local council and the (feudal) landlord treated us, we didn't lose our possessions, our health or our pets! Hoping that friends and families are seeing you through this horrible time x


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