This forum is a fantasy repository where I am posting various stories and character concepts which follow no central theme or order. The case files format is presented from the viewpoint of the Dark Op's, a shadow organization created to safeguard the world against threats it may not even know exists. There are many influences behind Dark Op's as a story concept which you may notice and if you notice, you undoubtedly know that the influences which serve as inspiration were themselves inspired by others. The idea is to create the right mix of things to develop something new and original (or hopefully so lol) which we hope you will enjoy here at DSA.

The Casefile format presents an eight figure file number to establish a numbered identity for each story. Where there is an addon for the story, it will be represented as an additional number separated by a decimal (00000001.1 as an example).

While most of these casefiles will be written by myself as a repository for my own character concepts, others may be submitted by members should they wish to do so. Such contributions will be considered part of the existing copyright owned by the site owner so make completely sure you wish to make such contributions.

You are free, however, to contribute art if you are inspired to make images to illustrate a story which will, of course, remain your property as we only ask permission to use the image in the context for which it was provided. Hopefully, my written works may inspire some of you to do some art once in a while or maybe you will enjoy these stories. I am an unskilled writer so bear with me as I have slowly improved a bit over the years where I am improving how I present my story concept material.

So until next time... let's just have some fun!