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    Contest Rules

    How To Enter

    First - make sure you are logged in

    To Upload - click the link to the contest gallery

    Please include a name for your image

    If you have any difficulties posting your entry, please contact a member of the DSA Team to ask for help


    Contest rules may vary from contest to contest but unless otherwise stated, these are the standard rules

    Artwork submitted must be your own original work in accordance with standard copyright laws

    You must adhere to the contest theme

    Nudity is allowed but no mature subject matter

    You may utilize any standard form of art either 2D or 3D using any program or traditional "non computer generated" image

    ONLY 3 IMAGES (Entries) Per Person

    Contest organizers assume no responsibility for any failure to follow the rules or posting beyond the stated deadline

    Deadline will be "Midnight" Central Standard Time at the end of every month

    Submission Guidelines

    All images must be new and original for this contest

    Images may not be reposted anywhere else until the contest ends unless the following exceptions are adhered to..
    A) A provided watermark is included on the image
    B) Links to the contest are included in the description
    C) Details to promote the contest are included

    Standard image ideal should be no smaller than 1000 X 1200 length and width / horizontal or vertical and 72 dpi

    There is no standard image requirement - the standard image ideal is set only to help in judging detail and improve your chances of winning

    Rules Regarding Darker Realms Competitions

    No one under the age of 18 is knowingly allowed to be members of this group. Information provided to us in accordance to member age is based upon an assumed trust that all members are at least 18 years of age.

    DreamslayerArtworks and it's staff are not responsible for any misrepresentation of any members age

    No Scat - For those who don't know, no shit pics

    No Child Images - We do understand the difference between waifs, anime and petites - We will make every effort to determine if any image is a violation of this rule and we will work with members if there are problems

    No Beastiality - This rule is determined as sex with mammals - fish, insects, reptiles, toons and fantasy creatures are not considered beastial

    This group is for artists who wish to post in an environment not so heavily censored to avoid censorship issues

    For your information, the term "Manor" refers to the DSA main site. The Darker Realms Group is also referred to as the "Dungeon" should anyone refer to it as such.


    Notification & Collecting Prizes

    The winning entries will be announced by the fifth business day of the month following the contest (ideally)

    Following the announcement, individual winners will be notified by email

    Winners have 14 days from the date that notification is sent to claim the prize unless extenuating circumstances prevent them from receiving notification

    Contest organizers will not be liable for non-received prize notifications - we will make every effort (within reason) to assist winners in receiving their prizes even past the collection date if possible

    Contest organizers are in no way responsible for full inboxes, spam filters, or other forces outside of their control that do not allow the prize notifications to be received by the entrant

    Unclaimed prizes will not be awarded

    No prize substitution is permitted unless stated otherwise in the rules specific to each contest

    Winner(s) may be required to verify their entry

    Winners will need to be registered members of the contest sponsors site in order to claim their prize because software and vouchers will only be redeemable at their site

    This site is not responsible for non delivery of prizes but will act as an intermediary between the winner and the sponsor

    If no resolution is forthcoming, DreamslayerArtworks may, at it's own discretion, substitute the prize with another prize

    It is not our intention that any prize winner not receive their prize - sponsors may have personal issues such as illness, loss of internet and other reasons for not replying just as winners may have similar issues where they are not reachable to notify them to collect their prizes


    Members of the DreamslayerArtworks team are allowed to enter all competitions - the DSA Team are volunteers and are thus, members of the general DreamslayerArtworks community

    If you are selected as a contest winner, you agree that the contest organizers may publicize your community name and your contest entry for promotional purposes

    Apart from the prizes associated with being selected as a winner, contest organizers shall not be obligated to compensate you in any way for such publicity

    Any artwork found to violate the rules of the contest may be removed to a different gallery but members will be alerted in such cases

    Odds of winning depend on the number and quality of entries received

    All taxes, including income taxes, are the sole responsibility of winners if ever such a situation should arise

    Please make sure you have a valid e-mail address accessible from your profile - be sure that there is an "Email" link at the bottom of your post or in your profile - if there is not, it may be difficult to contact you if you win or if there is a problem with your entry - contest organizers reserve the right to pick a new winner if an e-mail address is invalid

    All images entered in the contest are copyrighted and owned by the artist

    By submitting to the contest, the artist agrees to grant the contest organizers the right to print or otherwise re-publish the submitted images in various marketing, print or web materials so long as credit is given to the artist as the original creator of the images

    No images may be taken or used by any other third party without permission from the artist.

    Each entrant shall indemnify, defend, and hold the 2011 contest organizers harmless from any third party claims arising from or related to that entrant's participation in the contest

    In no event shall the contest organizers be liable to an entrant for acts or omissions arising out of or related to the contest or that entrant's participation in the contest

    DreamslayerArtworks is known for our love of competitions and inspiring artists to come out of their comfort zones, express themselves and discover new directions in their art.

    Our sponsors are some of the best product creators in 3d and we are always looking to add more sponsors when and where we can.

    We appreciate our sponsors and our members for their participation.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please address them here or write to members of the team and / or myself.

    Thank you

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