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    Better Health ~ Flies

    Flies are a nasty pest that has caused the deaths of billions of animals on this planet including humans. They carry diseases and parasites which you do not want to catch and certainly don't want to pass on to those you love. It is even believed that flies may have contributed heavily to the end of the dinosaurs spreading disease as animals from one continent spread to another as natural land bridges became formed as continents moved across the Earth eventually coming into contact with one another. for me, the past two years where I live now were horrible because flies were getting in around the windows because of spaces and after the tornadoes last year, they really became a problem for me. The answer was new windows with screens.

    Here's one natural way to help ward off these pests that we don't know how it works beyond speculation. Thanks to Fanci for sending this to me through email...

    Ok!.. check out this link.. its cheap.. and people swear by it. Might be worth a try.

    Flies seem to be everywhere this time of year. I was out at a local farm just yesterday and the flies were very noticeable and quite annoying as I went about my work.

    Seeing all those flies reminded me of a simple, nontoxic and very effective fly repellant that I observed in action at one of my children’s field trips a couple of months ago.

    The class was visiting a petting farm with a large open barn where donkeys, horses, goats and other livestock were available for the children to observe and interact with.

    Despite so many animals in a small semi-enclosed area, there were no flies buzzing around! Curious, I asked the owner about this and he pointed to plastic bags partially filled with water hanging over every stall.

    He explained that a clear bag of water with a penny at the bottom would repel the flies very effectively. He went on to explain that the “eye” of a fly is actually hundreds of eyes and the reflection of light on the bag of water keeps them away.
    “Why the penny at the bottom of the bag?”, I asked.

    Grandpa the farmer answered that he wasn’t exactly sure but the penny did seem to increase the effectiveness of the hanging bag of water alone. He added that he didn’t know how many square feet of area each bag covered so he just put a bag over every animal stall to keep as many flies away as possible.

    He also had put up a few bags over the picnic area and it was so nice to be able to eat lunch without flies swarming everywhere!

    Try this fly repellant method for yourself!

    The cause of good health and well being can be just a few cents out of your pocket and as Fanci is relating to us... it may just work for you.

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    I seen this done (and seen it work too) by hanging two pennies in the bag next to a doorway to keep flies outside. I was told that the flies see the two pennies as frog's eyes. It was funny and dumb at the same time, but after eating dinner on the porch with a ziplock full of two penies and water and not being disturbed by flies. It might be worth a try. Thats my "two cents"


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