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    The Scarecrow... Keeper of the Crows

    Marcus Leopold the 3d was born during a turbulent time in US history where a black American faced not only discrimination because of their race, but faced the end of his life for no other reason than being born black. Against all odds, Marcus made a success of himself creating a business enterprise in agriculture which made him a small fortune under the most difficult of circumstances. But being a black man in 1950's Georgia limited his opportunities and if he were to increase his fortunes, he would need to move north finding a home in Delaware to relocate his family to. At first, everything seemed to work well for Marcus as he opened a new industrial plant employing over four hundred workers and establishing himself among the wealthy elite in Delawares social circles. Then, things began to change as he came to think that the banks and local community leaders were manipulating him as his fortunes were being reversed by actions on their part which he had no control over. His wife tried to reassure him that he was imagining things and reminding him that in business, you can be up one day and down the next... that this was just the way business operates and how the people here had been so generous with them. To ease his growing suspicions, Marcus began to research the history of Dansburg and the nearby city of Newcastle where he was surprised to learn that Delaware had remained a slave stat until Abraham Lincoln officially ended the practice of slavery across the Union. Further research revealed the existence of secret groups following the US Civil War which exploited freed blacks both in agriculture and industry forcing black Americans to work for almost nothing where slavery itself might have been preferred because at least a slave had value... but free laborers were a dime a dozen where people were being worked to death because they could be replaced for next to nothing. In his research, he learned of a secret organization called the White Legion and came to believe that this group of white supremists were the ones trying to steal everything he possessed from him. Unlike the racists he had to deal with in Georgia, these people were politically leftwing in their views and based their racial views on flawed science that had developed in the 19th century leading to the madness of men like Adolf Hitler. Trying to alleviate his fears, his wife reassured him that this was Delaware and not Georgia, that these were good people and that there were always setbacks in business which eventually would reverse themselves with hard work and effort. Only when an anonymous informant proved his suspicions were true would Marcus finally take action preparing to remove his wealth and return to Georgia where at least the racists were open about their beliefs and he knew who could be trusted against those that could not. It was in taking these actions that a series of events took place where he was first blocked from removing himself from his investments, then he found that someone was embezzling money from his investments leading him to take legal action.

    Refusing to leave until he had won his legal case, Marcus was warned that the White Legion would strike back and that the lives of himself and his family were now in jeopardy but he stubbornly refused to listen to his anonymous informant until he returned home one night to find his home in ruin... and his wife lynched from a tree in his back yard. Desperately trying to find his missing children, Marcus called police not understanding the dire situation he was in until police arrived and immediately tried to take him into custody without even investigating the murder scene. Fighting his way through them, Marcus finally understood that he had been set up when the police accused him of lynching his own wife trying to claim she was a victim of racial hatred to better his chances of winning in his legal actions. Running from his home into nearby fields, Marcus found himself at the edge of a swamp he had never noticed before and made his way through it hearing the sound of hounds in the distance knowing a lynch mob was after him. In sheer panic, Marcus ran towards an abandoned barn trying to regain his senses to think of a means to escape his pursuers. In the old barn, he found what had been a scarecrow someone left behind and some gasoline. Using them, he washed himself with the gasoline to conceal his scent and then his clothes after which he put on the clothes which had been used on the scarecrow and straw to conceal everything but his head. Looking around, he found a half rotten pumpkin which he knocked the bottom out of to wear over his head completing his disguise. When the men tracking him found the barn, their dogs lost his scent and a quick search of the abandoned barn revealed nothing inside but the scarecrow and the smell of gasoline from an old gas can. When the hounds picked up another scent and bolted off back into the woods, Marcus made the mistake of moving around not knowing that one of the men remained behind having hurt his foot where he could not follow. When the barn door opened, Marcus stopped moving not thinking that someone might have heard him until the man stood above him... and then he heard the striking of a match as all hell seemed to erupt around him as his flesh began to burn. Having shut the barn door and dropped the board used to keep it shut in place, the man who had set him on fire began screaming and firing off his gun to alert his friends to come back to where he was. As they approached, the men could see the entire barn ablaze and then witnessed as a burning figure broke through the back of the barn just before the barn itself collapsed. Unleashing their dogs in pursuit of Marcus, the men would fall behind and when they finally caught up... they found their dogs at the edge of the swamp howling towards the deepest part where no one dared to follow. What became of Marcus was unknown as most who knew about what had happened could care less and anyone who did, looked the other way acting like it didn't happen.

    Decades had passed since the cold October night when Marcus Leopold the 3rd had disappeared. The story of the events of this night had conveniently disappeared and no one spoke about it except in hushed voices or when they were drinking and then, the stares of others around them would cause these people to be silent knowing Marcus was not the only one who had disappeared over the years. The town had prospered from the business ventures Marcus had brought into it as the town had taken ownership of the business once Marcus was declared dead. But then, two young people arrived in Dansburg with a story to tell as they were looking information as to what had happened to their biological grandparents and to claim an inheritance they had been informed about by an anonymous source. They had learned that their parents were the offspring of Malcolm Leopold the 3rd by doing a background check on their father knowing he had been adopted as a baby and found his biological sisters through the adoption agency. One of the sisters had been old enough to remember things about their parents as she had seen her mother lynched and remembered her fathers name leading to discoveries about where Malcolm was when he disappeared. Their arrival and the questions they asked caused an uproar within the community as their secrets were now endangered as was the source of the community's prosperity. But it was a secret which only some within the community knew as they had not shared it with their children or grandchildren to protect them knowing that should their secret be revealed, only those who knew about these events would bear responsibility. But it was the arrival of these young people that seemed to awaken something evil within the community as one by one, people were being killed in the most horrific ways as if they were being murdered by someone improvising ways to kill them where they were found rather than wielding a single weapon of choice to kill them with. Thinking the murders were the work of of the newcomers and that they knew what had really happened to their grandparents, older members of the community exerted their control over the local police department informing the sheriff of what they had done and providing a suitcase full of money to ensure he did what he was told... and what he was told was to make these young people disappear forever! Only when witnesses to one of the murders came forward to tell what they had seen did people suspect something more might be going on and when the sheriff arrested the two young people, a bloodbath would be unleashed upon the community. No longer was it one on one, now it was a virtual onslaught where the bodies began piling up. Anyone trying to escape would be found murdered or torn to shreds by a murder of crows with crows killed during the attacks laying about while other crows engorged themselves on a feast of flesh until others arrived to discover the bodies.
    • Real Name ~ Malcolm Leopold the 3rd
    • Date of Birth ~ November 9th, 1927 /// Place of Birth ~ LaGrange, Georgia
    • Race / Ethnicity ~ Black /// Gender Male
    • Hair ~ black Eyes ~ brown Height ~ 7ft 3in Body Type ~ Muscular
    • Classification ~ Paranormal /// Legal Status ~ Deceased
    • Relatives ~ Patrick and Francis Leopold (grandchildren)
    • Marital Status ~ Widowed /// Children ~ Three
    • Occupation ~ Serial Killer
    • Strength Level ~ Class 3 Human /// Endurance ~ Class 4 Human
    • Known Aliases ~ None /// Citizenship ~ United States
    • Group Affiliation ~ None

    Only when the murders became too violent would city leaders listen that it was not the grandchildren of Marcus Leopold the 3rd committing the murders... it was the return of Marcus Leopold the 3rd himself who was killing the people of Dansburg having returned from Hell itself to unleash damnation upon the community. Releasing his grandchildren only seemed to bring about a final reckoning as the wraith manifested himself within the community to face the sheriff as he was determined to prove the kids were still to blame and he intended to kill them once he got them out of town. Summoning a murder of crows to blacken the evening skies unleashing a cacophony of noise so loud that windows became shattered across Dansburg and then it became as if an unseen hand reached out from among them grasping the sheriff heaving him into the air as they tore him apart bit by agonizing bit. Only when his grandchildren begged him to stop because he was killing too many who knew nothing about the evils wrought against him would Marcus cease his onslaught and before departing, he removed a piece of paper to give them granting them ownership over all his possessions in the form of a will everyone thought lost or which never existed. The following day, the coverup began as the coroner gave a report that the 31 bodies in his possession were killed by crows driven insane by poisonous chemicals of unknown origin detected by federal agents sent to investigate... investigators from a secret organization called Dark Op's which sought to capture Marcus and add him to their agencies collection of paranormal entities for research and future development only they knew or understood. Years would pass and nothing more was heard of the killer known only as the Scarecrow because whatever he may have been in life, Marcus Leopold the 3rd stopped being in death. His grandchildren now understood this as they had been drafted as agents of Dark Op's and warned that what their grandfather had become was a creature of nightmares known as a Sineater and whatever he might have been, the murders he had committed transformed him and had given birth to a monster. When the killings began again, there was no method to the madness nor were the killings limited to Dansburg as the murders now seemed to spring up in places where Marcus had relatives and they seemed to be his targets along with anyone who got in his way. His grandchildren had become Bloodhunters specifically trained to hunt Sineaters wherever they might arise and to specifically hunt for their grandfather as he was now driven to kill everyone related to him by blood as only by killing his entire bloodline would his curse be lifted and his soul finally be at peace. But his grandchildren were not trained to kill or destroy him, they were trained to capture and imprison him as he might be related to thousands of people by blood... and tens of thousands more if these people produced offspring and the only way to save them was to capture him as destroying their grandfather would only return what he is to the Dimension of Nightmares to one day return... and the killings start all over again!

    Sineaters ~

    A Sineater is a creature cursed by the King of Nightmares known as Sol'Gorath. There are many ways this might happen and in the case of Marcus Leopold the 3rd, it was heredity as he inherited the curse from an ancestor who had given their soul to Sol'Gorath for vengeance should any member of his family be killed by their white slave masters. The curse was never utilized because the family had not lost anyone at the hands of a person with the blood of slave owners in their veins... Marcus was. initially reborn as a spirit of vengeance, Marcus sought to avenge himself upon the community which had slain him but it was the blood within his grandchildrens veins which was the key to his resurrection. His final act where Marcus possessed any control over what he was becoming was to stop killing the people of Dansburg at his grandchilds request. The entity known as the Scarecrow was born with the resurrection of Marcus Leopold the 3rd and when his soul became diminished to the point it could no longer control the demon within him... his soul became released to Mistress Death and the Scarecrow became released to stalk anyone with the same bloodline as Marcus Leopold the 3rd. As a Sineater, the Scarecrow cannot physically be killed or destroyed as such because the Dimension of Nightmares exists within the Realms of Death. Should a Sineater be destroyed, the wraith within them returns to the Dimension of Nightmares where they await circumstances which provides them with a doorway back into the physical existence of the living universe. In his case, the Scarecrow is a demonic wraith which doesn't speak and doesn't possess any empathy for the living allowing them to kill without any regret. It possesses fragments of memory inherited from Marcus so that anyone appealing to him knowing this can affect what he does and sometimes, these fragments of memory control who and when he kills people. The Scarecrow is an unstoppable killing machine in his own right but is far more dangerous because he can summon forth a murder of crows (aka a large flock of crows) who are part real and part supernatural as he can literally multiply one crow into thousands, within moments, through some unknown process where the crow is merged with dark energies causing an explosive reaction. Although he does not always carry a weapon, he can summon forth a demonic scythe which at first looks like an ordinary farming instrument from centuries past. But when it's power becomes fully manifested, it becomes much more dynamic device of metal and bone transforming the Scarecrow into more of a manifestation of death itself if only briefly. His clothes are tattered much like the rags on a scarecrow used to frighten away crows but it's his head which attracts the most attention because the fires which transformed him into what he is fused the pumpkin to his head like a mask blending flesh and bone with plant material.

    He sometimes wears a wide brimmed hat and a badly worn long overcoat that looks like it's been rotting in a hole somewhere for a few centuries, he is far more menacing when he chooses new clothes which his body rapidly causes to decompose until they look like his original clothing. The mask he wears can be removed revealing torn flesh and bone with things like worms and maggots which seem to be part of him in some unimaginable way. The mask, which seems to be his face, does not look like a pumpkin anymore and it doesn't always have any openings for a face although he can open them when he wishes. Rather than reveal this face, he often wears a cloth bag over his head tied with a rope with two holes cut for his eyes and a slash where his mouth might otherwise be found. Within him seems to be a green glow, or ectoplasm, which seems to evoke hallucinations within anyone who sees it should they be the object of his attention and he can manipulate their greatest fears through this process. His physical form possesses what is called an "imprint" by the experts at Dark Op's so that he does react when shot or injured in some fashion just as a human might act. The difference is that Scarecrow recovers quickly and can even regenerate himself if part of his body is destroyed or somehow survives destruction revealing a skeleton figure glowing from green ectoplasm. Although he doesn't speak, the Scarecrow does., on occasion, laugh in a manner which is considered bone chilling. The Scarecrows weaknesses are that his own scythe can be used against him to "send him back to hell" and while as strong as any five men, he does not possess super strength nor even superhuman endurance as he can be physically worn down like any human... it just takes much longer and he recovers extremely fast to pick up where he left off. As with many Sineaters, something remains of his lost humanity so that, at times, there is an inner conflict which emerges transforming him into a tormented soul capable of great evil and violence. But as within Pandora's Box, there remains a flicker of hope within which can stay his hand or cause him to walk away when he might otherwise kill someone. Whatever this flicker of hope may be, it seems to harbor memories of the life they once lived and in some cases, the soul of the Sineater can be restored to it allowing it to overcome the evil within and restore the humanity they once possessed if only to live a cursed existence always fighting the evil within knowing they cannot truly die... they can only succumb to death leaving the Sineater's inner evil to fully possess their body to carry on with the slaughter of innocents. The ultimate fate of the Scarecrow is a mystery, as is the fate of all Sineaters, and what he has become may not ultimately be his final fate as the soul of the man may still be returned and even then it may remain a tormented soul driven by it's own dark desires. It is clear that he remembers his wife as her image can cause the flicker of hope to fan into a flame even as the memory of her death fuels his rage increasing his powerto where his mortal weaknesses become diminished.
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