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    Hellraven... Comes The Crimson Queen

    When love flowers in the spring of life and then is lost before the coming of Winters first storm, a cold heart is formed which is eternal and everlasting... like the warmth of love at first sight that becomes an undying hatred for the world and everything within it.

    World So Cold ~

    What is the meaning of love? For most, love is easy because it is a selfish desire where your needs are fulfilled... to be given the love of another which is where love often goes wrong being that it is much more than a selfish desire. For others, love is an eternal pain from which comes the worst of agonies as it is unselfish but unrequited... a never ending suffering twisted into a perversion of love until it becomes the angriest of hates! The woman known as Hellraven is such a person, a woman who once possessed the greatest of loves stolen from her leaving only the hatred her rage has cursed her to bear. Born during the chaos of the Ten Kingdom's period in ancient China, following the collapse of the Tang Dynasty, she fell in love with a powerful warrior known only as ??? Baoh¨ Zhe (the Protector) whose bloodline intermixed with her own in centuries past. Baoh¨ Zhe's family had come from ancient Japan following a battle where the Amenoshita Shiroshimesu Okimi (Great King ruling of Heaven and Earth) was defeated and his family fled into Korea joining with their Korean allies. Here, members of the Kazuraki clan intermarried with the Seong of the Baekje Kingdom. Taking the name Tsuwamono Clan, they became a secret warrior clan devoted to the ways of war and developing their own code of honor centuries before the samurai or the ?? shinobi (ninja). As they moved throughout China, some of them came to be known as ?? ci ke (assassins) and ?? ren zhe (person who endures) with the most famous being the Lin Gwai (forest demons) serving and intermarrying with the An and Shi families leading to the An Shi Rebellion.

    Over a century later, they came to power serving Huang Cho whose rebellion broke the power of the Tang Dynasty bringing about the Ten Kingdoms period. Bequeathing their loyalty to a Jiedushi (military Governor) named Zhu Quanzhong, who was also known as Zhu Huang, the family would help him become emperor of the Later Liang Dynasty. Near the end of the Later Liang, a powerful warrior known as Baoh¨ Zhe (the Protector) emerged to become a powerful warlord commanding his own mercenary army called the Gundan-Sei (spirit brigade). Each member of his army group had survived a grueling process to become spirit warriors being gifted each with a sword bonded with their own lifeforce. As a member of his Gundan-Sei died, their life energy became passed on to those which remained making them even more powerful and more capable of achieving victory. They had given their oath to the emperors of the Later Tang Dynasty which was succeeded by the Later Jin Dynasty formed by Shi Jingtang. Shi Jingtang was the son in law of the last Later Tang emperor and the most powerful general of the empires armies. He had allied with the Khitan who had helped the Later Tang come to power before the Later Tang began to turn against them. It was during his time among the Tang that Baoh¨ Zhe became protector of the Shi family and drew the attention of his young daughter ? Shi (to appear) ? Xiu (beautiful) ? Huang (sovereign / female phoenix) who was attracted to Baoh¨ Zhe from the moment she saw him.

    Being teased by the daughter of the emperor through one of his concubines placed Baoh¨ Zhe in a difficult position as she had not yet even entered the blossoming of youth into womanhood. Still, he would be made her champion by order of the emperor as a request from the childs mother because she sensed honor and nobility about him knowing he would die before harming, or allowing harm, to befall the child. It was through her teasing of him that one day he found an injured bird and upon healing it, released the bird and told the child his true name as a secret between the two of them. His real name was Kyosuke Tsuwamono, a name descended from his family given to those born into the clan and those adopted by the clan through marriage. Looking at the massive warrior clinging to his arm, Shi Xiu Huang told him that one day she would be his and his name would be her name to which there was only silence in his response. The emperors death brought his adopted son Shi Chonggui to the throne and war erupted as he proved an inept leader who defied the Liao Dynasty of the Khitan who actually controlled the Jin. Forced into battle once more to protect the royal family and their empire, Baoh¨ Zhe summoned the Gundan-Sei for one final battle against the invading Liao where he fell with his army against the Liao Emperor Taizong. When he arose, Baoh¨ Zhe found himself surrounded by the dead left behind by his enemies and the ravens which fed upon their flesh.

    Returning to Bian, capital of the Later Jin Empire, he found that chaos had erupted and the empire had been overthrown. He arrived to find his family slaughtered fighting to save the royal family and the lifeless body of Shi Xiu Huangs mother with her head on a sharpened pole. Amidst the ruins of the royal concubines home, Baoh¨ Zhe found only death and destruction until he found the child he swore to protect miraculously clinging to life. Taking the child with him, Baoh¨ Zhe journeyed to the Kingdom of Wuyue where she might be accepted into the royal family to continue the life destiny prepared for her. He had family among the Wuyue and had been trained among them as a warrior... things took a different direction when he learned that the Wuyue and the Liao were under pressure from the Song Dynasty which eventually destroyed both empires. Traveling with the child, he was now called Shifu literally meaning "master" and "father" after having accepted her through a bai shi ceremony to be his t˙dý or apprentice although he only called her by her pet name ?? gong zhu (princess). They became adventurers and mercenaries as a profession specializing in the killing of monsters. Baoh¨ Zhe had, in fact, begun to become more powerful as he learned the secret of the Gundan-Sei's swords were drawn from an ancient ? oni (demon) whose power was stolen and divided into 50 swords. When all the warriors died, the demons spirit became reconstituted within the last warrior to fall which was the reason he had survived when all others had fallen.
    • Real Name ~ Shi Xiu Huang
    • Date of Birth ~ June 13, 930 A.D. /// Place of Birth ~ Kaifeng, China
    • Race / Ethnicity ~ Asian /// Gender Female
    • Hair ~ black Eyes ~ brown Height ~ 5ft 9in Body Type ~ Slim / Voluptuous
    • Classification ~ Villain /// Legal Status ~ Criminal Antagonist
    • Relatives ~ Unknown (sister)
    • Marital Status ~ Single /// Children ~ Undisclosed
    • Occupation ~ Crime Lord / Kingpin
    • Strength Level ~ Class 4 Superhuman /// Endurance ~ Class 8 Superhuman
    • Known Aliases ~ Crimson Queen, Jincan, Empress of the Yellow Dragon, Shi no Tenshi (Angel of Death) /// Citizenship ~ China
    • Group Affiliation ~ The Golden Dragon, Order of the Dragon, The Unholy.

    Shi Xiu Huang had become a warrior of greatness having learned not only from Baoh¨ Zhe, but from other warriors who had on occasion joined in on their adventures as traveling companions. Baoh¨ Zhe had another reason for training Shi Xiu to become a master in the arts of combat as he could feel that the demon within him was growing more powerful. During one battle, they proved unprepared when they engaged a clan of Jiangshi (vampires) where Baoh¨ Zhe was carried away by a feilong serpent dragon that the vampires had summoned to serve them. This left Shi Xiu to face hundreds of Jiangshi on her own with no way out. Killing the great serpent and severing it's head, Baoh¨ Zhe made his way back to find a number of destroyed Jiangshi lying before the rising sun in the east awaiting permanent destruction. Then, he found Shi Xiu lying amidst the carnage seemingly drained of life having been bitten numerous times when she finally fell. Acting quickly, Baoh¨ Zhe buried her to protect her from the rising sun and then remained to protect her ground as the stench of burning bodies overwhelmed his senses. As the sun finally set in the west, Shi Xiu burst from the earth screaming in agony as she became reborn as Jiangshi. Reaching out to the crying princess as life once more overcame her, he gifted her with the serpents head as it yet lived and it's blood would sustain her. As her pain subsided, she fell into his arms and for the first time... he would admit his love for her as she looked into his tear filled eyes being grateful that the gods had not taken her from him before he could tell her his feelings.

    They would continue in their lives each depending on the other as he fought the demons growing power within him and she fought the thirst which now dominated her every thought. Finding themselves constantly on the run from servants of the Song Dynasty, Shi Xiu had now become a thief and a predator invading cities where her prey might be found. Beheading her victims to drink the rich blood remaining within their skull which Jiangshi lust for more than anything. Doing this without her protector who disapproved of her taking human lives but loved her too much to destroy her, Shi Xiu would eventually make a mistake leading to her capture and destruction. Impaled on a large sharpened metal rod and her head roughly cut from her body, she was left to burn when the rising sun struck her body. Sensing her fate when she had not returned to him, Baoh¨ Zhe came to the village where he found her little more than burning ash and bone to mark Shi Xiu's passing. Standing silently with tears streaming down his face, Baoh¨ Zhe lost his will to live and the demon finally gained control over Baoh¨ Zhe's body ending his existence upon our Earth. As the sun went down, flames continued to burn from Shi Xiu's remains which erupted as if newly lit restoring her body as it had been the night before. Pulling herself free and restoring her head to it's proper place, Shi Xiu became self aware once more and realized something had completely destroyed the village. Confronting a survivor, Shi Xiu forced the frightened man to tell her what had happened before ripping out his throat and then removing his head to refresh herself.

    Finding Baoh¨ Zhe's mystic sword where it had fallen, after the demon transformed his body into something monstrous destroying everything in sight, Shi Xiu gave pursuit understanding that her beloved had trained her for just this purpose. Cornering the monster after following a trail of absolute destruction and mindless slaughter, Shi Xiu battled the beast and finally ended it's existence planting Baoh¨ Zhe's sword into it's brain. As her beloved knew, the demons life energy again became split apart as bolts of energy erupted from it's body moving in all directions becoming swords once more but without anyone controlling who received them. Removing the one remaining sword from the beasts skull, it's body reverted to it's human form even as the sun emerged and her body began to burn. It was in embracing the Sun that memories of her past lives came flooding back to her and that Shi Xiu learned her true nature... that she was Unholy and that death would never hold possession over her soul. Rather than consuming her as it might have done, the fire which now emerged from her body instead became part of her and as she looked out across the ??? Heizhu Valley, also known as horrifying dead valley from atop a naturally formed pyramid, Shi Xiu knew her destiny yet lay before her. She had heard of a Jiangshi clan leader calling herself the ?? Crimson Queen, a woman born during the legendary ?? Zhou Dynasty where she had been a member of the royal ? Qi descended from the first dynasty of China known as the ?? Xia who survived after being conquered by the ?? Shang Dynasty as a vassal state.

    Her royal lineage preceded the Xia, had become intermarried with the Shang and then was passed on to the Zhou where she became cursed with vampirism. Approaching her, Shi Xiu destroyed everything in her path until she faced the Crimson Queen where each sensed their direct blood relation knowing that the blood queen was Shi Xiu's direct ancestor. In the battle which followed, the Crimson Queen held the upper hand until making the mistake which caused her destruction. Transforming into a blood dragon, she attempted to devour Shi Xiu only to find the girls hand around her throat as she was forced back into her human form... and too late learned Shi Xiu was toying with her as she felt her soul being cast into the depths of Hell! Assuming her ancestors title as Crimson Queen and having stolen her power, Shi Xiu now took on a new identity calling herself ???? Hellraven. She chose this name because it was the symbolic creature of the Zhou who now ruled China, because her own birth name was based on the ?? Fenghuang or phoenix of China and how the raven had proven instrumental in Baoh¨ Zhe's rebirth from death on the battlefield. She had also called herself ?? Jincan representing a poisonous golden caterpillar symbolic of how her love had become transformed to poisonous hatred and from this, the ?? ? Golden Dragon (or Yellow Dragon) Clan came into being as she summoned other surviving members of the Tsuwamono Clan to serve her.

    As a master of war, Shi Xiu has been behind the scenes sending warriors to fight, manipulating alliances and employing assassins to eliminate anyone they perceive as a threat... or anyone they are paid to assassinate. Rather than continuing her life as a monster slayer, Shi Xiu has instead employed the Jiangshi as members of the Yellow Dragon and enslaving monsters either directly or merging them with humans in her employ granting them power to better serve her. As she entered modern times, she became leader over the Order of the Dragon entering into alliance with Vlad Dracula to rule over his powerbase on Earth as his own aspirations became greater in nature. Understanding sorcery from memories of past lives, Shi Xiu is not adept at wielding it herself so that she employs avatars who act on her behalf where sorcery is employed. She doesn't like doing this as she can only control the weak of will and people with stronger wills can turn these spells against her. However, her powers over blood alchemy are not so easily dealt with and she does control these powers to a higher degree. She can manipulate the structure of blood reforming it into solid objects of mystical power which contain the life energies of those slain to create them. These objects become more powerful with more deaths caused using them but disappear like crimson mist when broken, releasing the spirits within. An interesting aspect of this power is that she can use blood to transform lead into real gold in it's molten form and her own blood can become like molten gold burning anything it touches.

    She can also summon blood from the dead to transform as she feels fit including to create monsters who serve her. Fighting her in the Heizhu Valley is almost suicide because her power is at it's greatest here where she can resurrect the dead and because the valley possesses a doorway to the ancient past, she can even summon dinosaurs rising up from this prehistoric place to serve her will. Although the nature of her powers stems from vampirism, Hellraven has no vampiric weaknesses which can do her any permanent harm because she cannot die. However, these weaknesses can be used against her to defeat or bind her and possibly even to imprison her albeit such has not yet been accomplished where she did not escape. Her strength is only moderate when compared to other Unholy but her strength can be increased by drinking blood as a consequence of being a vampire. Hellraven can form a pair of sai's from her own blood which become like chromed metal bearing an epitath for any enemy whom she may use them upon. She can also create weapons from blood which appear as darkling ravens screaming as they are thrown until they strike becoming shurikens, blades or axes... and if she misses, they will return if they aren't broken or strike something else first. She sometimes summons long handled ornate axes with chains attached and on occasion, wears her hair up concealing more bladed weapons in her hair.

    Anyone who drinks her blood, or have it placed within them in other ways (such as her hurling it onto an injured body), become Jiangshi of a different breed called ? ?? ?? hungry shadow ghosts. These Jiangshi are more powerful because they can merge with shadows and are stronger than normal Jiangshi, but they can be destroyed and are exceptionally vulnerable to virgin blood. Hellraven uses blood to form her costuming and even turn her skin blood red using ornate markings only she understands the meaning of... and each marking does have meaning for her. Any who can guess the meaning of these markings will gain her attention and possibly even win her favor if they have genuine empathy for their understanding of her. Over the centuries, Hellraven has killed many who stood in her way but has often held back from killing the innocent unless given reason to view them as corrupt or as an enemy. Hellraven is possessed by memories of a man she once loved which torment her. This undying love has spawned an even greater hatred for humanity as a whole with only the memory of his valor keeping her from becoming more destructive. It is the enigma of Hellraven which baffles her enemies as she herself has at times played the role of hero when innocents are involved...then acted with mindless violence on other occasions with no concern for who is harmed. She is a being of pure evil whose only saving grace is the one thing she can never feel again... she once knew true love and unlike most will ever know, it was both unconditional and everlasting!

    Spirit Beasts ~

    Like all the Unholy, Hellraven possesses spirit beasts which are associated with her. First among these is the Jincan which is mythological in nature being formed from several poisonous animals which devour one another forming into a golden silkworm. This creature emerges from the worm as energy leaving behind a trail like pixiedust appearing before a victim as a horned hobgoblin like fairie with horns. The jincan can appear as someone the victim has wronged in life, or someone the victim desires... by this time, the jincan has already bitten the victim who will die at the jincans pleasure. Hellravens second spirit beast is a raven or carrion crow which she can summon from her own body or shadows. Her ravens seem to manifest within her Jiangshi servants granting them their ability to merge with shadows. The third spiritbeast is a krait, the second most deadly snake in the world which she sometimes summons through her forearm but which she rarely summons except to punish someone for betraying her. Merging with her spiritbeasts allows Hellraven to become a hellish serpentine phoenix surrounded by devilish jincan and having traits similar to a dragon... in many ways, a feathered serpent. Smaller in size than most mythical dragons, Hellraven possesses the ability to breath a venomous brew of fire, blood and poison similar to napalm with few surviving it's touch even if they are not burned by it.
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