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    National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Since 1985, October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

    The artistic community of Shifters Evolution and the SWWF (Spider Web Wrestling Federation, led by Krouser) officially support this important and worthy cause.

    MORE INFORMATIONS HERE:;id=13098;id=13048
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    yes yes very true very important
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    For the women who give my sister hope.
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    While it may be nice to shop on occasion for ourselves, there are a wealth of benefits to us in donating to a non-profit or other worthy cause. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman wants the action of giving to charity in his state to come with some guarantees that the money is going to the intended causes. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month - along with its common pink ribbon brigade - has authorities wondering whether charitable donations are getting used more to fund promotional product placement, instead of the most essential work of charities. If Schneiderman has his way, new rules regarding charities and visibility will be set up that will serve as a model on which the general public can depend. Article resource: charities and transparency

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    my sister was diagnosed with fiberouse cysts in her breasts at the age of 16. By the age of 20, she was battling full blown breast cancer. Because of her financial ability (or lack of), she qualified to participate in human trials for treatment. The research put into the treatment program has been largely funded by organizations like the ones below. Without that treatment, i would be raising her two boys. So, the funding put into these groups bettered many lives i care about greatly. Without the promotions and pink ribbon campaigns there is likely going to be much less awareness and resources avalible. Every penny spent on thoes promotions is worth it when it reminds someone to get a mamogram or talk about that lump. Treatments are improving and this is a result of these programs. If you want to know where they spend their money, research before you donate. But regulation of what they can do with their money is unamerican. What is next? Regulation of what % of my income can be spent on groceries?


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