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    Sol'gorath the Ever-Living

    Before the birth of the known universe, there existed only Primordial Chaos following the destruction of the universe pre-existing before our own. Within this chaos, there existed a wasteland of ruined worlds crushed and reformed until giving rise to the Netherworlds of Hell. Life upon these worlds had faced a similar fate as there had been no true death within pre-existence, only an endless cycle of destruction and reincarnation until nothing remained to be reincarnated... what remained became demonic parasites feeding on one another like parasites. One of the first creatures to emerge within the Netherworld was a being which had consumed all other living beings upon it's world and with nothing left to feed upon, it sank into the still beating heart of the planet to feast upon the life force of the planet itself until it became a lifeless shell. With nothing left within it to hold the planet above within the ethereal regions, it would come crashing down into the firmament of Hell releasing the entity called Sol'gorath like a serpent being born from within an egg. Destroying everything in his path, Sol'gorath would continue to grow in power even as he consumed the life energies of countless beings which became part of his being... millions of souls united as one voice out of their common need to survive and enslaved as one voice ruled over by Sol'goraths collective awareness. As he came to rule over the greater part of Hell's dominion, demons began harvesting souls from other dimensions to offer Sol'gorath for their own self preservation as he cared little if he fed upon these souls... or the souls of the demons themselves. It was during this time that Sol'gorath became aware of a dark dimension where even the demons of Hell feared to go as within the darkness existed dark gods and nightmares not even they could survive against should they enter. The entryway into this dark dimension lay within a gigantic black sun formed by tears within the fabric of reality caused by a black hole in the universe of the living and Sol'gorath drew upon the fear to humble even the most powerful threats to his rule. Within the darkness, Sol'gorath sensed the Spiritworld as well as the nightmares his demonic hordes feared and he knew he was destined to rule over this dimension as well once all of Hell was his to rule over without opposition. But as the demons of Hell stole countless souls away from Mistress Death, which were harvested from the universe of the living, Sol'gorath could sense her growing rage and that something within within Hell caused her to stand apart. But why should she care as when these souls became drained, what remained became transformed into butterfly like creatures called deathwings which Hell held no power over and which always found their way back to Mistress Death. What was it that held Mistress Death away from Hell with all the powers which she alone possessed? Powers which were greater than those of Sol'gorath but not greater than Hell and within Hell there was no true death, only a transition as demons fed upon one another and the souls they gathered from the universe of the living.

    It was thus that when another great power awakened from it's long dormancy, within the firmament of Hell, that Sol'gorath sensed a change as would the demons not yet ruled over by his power. This new evil did not offer a name save to call himself the Prince of Darkness and the Nemesis of Creation drawing his power from the firmament of Hell itself rather than the life force of demons. His enemy possessed no memory of his past anymore than any demon within the Netherworlds of Hell and yet, he possessed instincts which made him arrogant as he envisioned himself becoming the God of Creation where Sol'gorath had only desired to rule and to feed. To him, Sol'gorath was a threat to be removed but not a threat to be feared and Sol'gorath understood this as he felt the same way about his unnamed nemesis. Sol'gorath then witnessed his own demons betraying him to serve this interloper within what Sol'gorath the Ever-Living saw as his to subjugate and sensing more would follow... he consumed all who would serve him making himself more powerful than any in all of Hell or all within Hell's power combined. Yet, his nemesis ordered his legions vast to remain away from the field of battle as he did not wish that Sol'gorath consume them as well and he approached Sol'gorath alone as the great demon roared at this piss-ant being drawn to his destruction like a moth before a flame. As the battle began, Sol'gorath found that his enemy outwitted him at every turn and even when Sol'gorath seemingly struck the demon a fatal blow... it was as if the fabric of Hell itself resurrected him. While Sol'gorath was the more powerful, his nemesis struck like a swarm of hornets stinging him with such ferocity as to cause Sol'gorath to scream in rage and to exhaust himself more rapidly without ever sensing he was growing weaker. Having weathered every attack, his enemy now struck more directly revealing power Sol'gorath had not before sensed and the many minds within him now began to fall into chaos as he was losing the cohesion allowing him to speak with one voice. Reaching out desperately to grasp his enemy, only then did Sol'gorath understand how he had been manipulated as his nemesis now smiled as Sol'gorath became paralyzed and incapable of of thought as he was bleeding souls screaming about his body even as those within him were screaming for release now desiring their freedom. As Sol'gorath became diminished, his enemy lashed out decimating and breaking Sol'gorath until Sol'gorath the Ever-Living became nothing more than a mountain of lifeless flesh collapsing in upon itself! Abandoned to be absorbed back into the firmament of Hell, none could be blamed for not sensing that not everything was as it seemed. Within Hell are creatures akin to flies which exist to feast upon decaying flesh and to lay their eggs within to hatch as maggots hungrily devouring dead flesh even should the souls which once lay within had departed. What emerged from Sol'goraths flesh were unformed creatures whose life energies were remnants of souls Sol'gorath had fully absorbed and which were not released with his destruction because they were incomplete.

    Then, something else stirred from within the corpse, something far more powerful and which screamed as it absorbed the remaining energies from within the corpse causing what remained to be cast upon the winds like dust. Rising among the maggots which surrounded him, Sol'gorath the Ever-Living roared with the pains of being reborn like a newborn god emerging from it's dead mothers body. For the first time in his long existence... he was now a singular being possessing a mind of his own and Sol'gorath the Ever-Living understood that his enemy now ruled in Hell where he might yet be destroyed should he remain. From the creatures which remained unformed surrounding him, Sol'gorath would transform them giving birth to a new race of demons designed from their birth for the plans which their creator now made to restore himself to a position of power. Seeking the means to escape into the Dimension of Darkness, Sol'gorath began manipulations to learn more about the enemy he now knew as Satan as he had learned that Mistress Death despised his enemy even more than he. As Sol'gorath neared the moment of his own destruction, he heard the tender voice of Mistress Death whispering into his ear that their enemy was the one who brought about the destruction of pre-existence... all which she and which Sol'gorath once had known, Satan had brought to an end! Sol'gorath had consumed a special soul given over to him by Mistress Death after Satan had become awakened as she had secretly been manipulating Sol'gorath and it was this soul which had granted him the power to be reborn from his own destruction. He was a tool being manipulated by Mistress Death all along as she could not enter Hell where she held no power even as Satan cannot enter the Realms of Death where he possesses no power. Now, Sol'gorath was free to seek his own way and he would seek out some of the most ruthless souls in Hell to become transformed into his own and the arrival of the Fallen provided him with a few devils whose power was greater than any mere demon. When he finally opened the doorway once more into the Dimension of Darkness, Sol'gorath led ten legions of demons into the darkness to unleash war upon those within until carving out an empire of his own calling it the Kingdom of Nightmares, the Dimension of Fates Damnation and the Dimension of Nightmares interchangeably as it was not truly a dimension but part of the greater Dimension of Darkness. Serving him are his Lords of Fear, the highest order of demons which ruled with him and the Incubi, nightmare demons who rule over the living in their sleep should their minds prove strong enough to summon the demons forth even without their knowing. Such creatures are known in the Netherworlds of Hell and the Realms of Death, but it is within the Dimension of Nightmares where they would be most powerful. There would also be those known by other names collectively called Nightmare Creatures which were native to this dimension but which came to serve Sol'gorath or interbred with the demons which followed him for which they would be called the Kindred. While he would be served by a host of beings calling themselves his Dream Queens, Sol'gorath would eventually choose a mate to stand beside him called Ner'gorath because she had been among the Dark Gods but chose instead to serve at his side.

    Among the creatures within the Dimension of Darkness, the existed the Old Ones, a term given to beings of great power who came to exist within this dimension after being cast there from elsewhere having been too powerful to destroy... and whose origins also seem to have lain within primordial chaos yet they were among the firstborn within the new universe making their true origins a mystery to all save for Mistress Death who has been heard to call them her "pets". It is having come into the Dimension of Darkness that Sol'gorath began to undergo change and from this change, he too became known as one of the "Old Ones" and as the God of Nightmares especially within the Spirit World which was also somehow part of the Dimension of Darkness and separate from it. yet, for all his power, Sol'gorath still hungered for revenge against Satan and against Mistress Death for the defeat inflicted upon him and the manipulations which spared his existence only as a pawn... and Sol'gorath was no ones plaything! Through his own manipulations, he would learn that Mistress Death had been the lifeforce of the universe which Satan was somehow responsible for destroying. There had been no true death within pre-existence as there was not within Hell, but she had become the living embodiment of Death upon giving birth to the lifeforce of a new universe. She was the mother of he who was the Creator and it would be she who would preserve the spent energies of existence and then replenish those spent energies so as to deny them to some great unknown force which feeds upon entropy even as it sleeps eternally. It would be drawn to Sol'goraths attention that an entire world had fallen into slumber, a world of immortals denied to Mistress Death by the fruits of their own scientific achievements. Through their dreams, Sol'gorath was drawn to claim their world as they could only preserve their immortality if they were awake to provide for their needs... and a world of sleeping immortals drawn into the Kingdom of Nightmares would provide Sol'gorath with power greater than he might ever have dreamed. Lured from the Dimension of Darkness, Sol'gorath found himself beset by a celestial knight known only as Armor who had been led to believe that Sol'gorath had done this and that only in slaying Sol'gorath could this world be set free from his curse. Possessing power not even Sol'gorath could stand against, the celestial knights sword would become extended in a final, fatal stroke severing Sol'goraths head from his body even as his head became cast within the Realms of Death where it would become lost where not even Mistress Death could find it. Sensing betrayal when the world he thought to rescue did not awaken, the celestial knight swore an oath that he would never forget this betrayal by Mistress Death and that those doomed to be claimed by her would one day be avenged. In his departure, Ner'gorath would emerge to claim Sol'goraths body and the power within it even as she claimed the world and awakened it's slumbering immortals to become transformed through their dreams into her Mara... demons which not only kill living beings in their sleep, but can then possess their bodies after feeding their souls to Ner'gorath.

    Within the Realms of Death, there exists a place which had been abandoned since the dawn of time called the Seas of Desolation. Surrounding the Seas of Desolation were the seemingly endless Sands of Annihilation which lured souls of the dead with mirages and hallucinations where their dreams of lives once lived seemed to become reality. But the Sands of Annihilation were not unusual within the Realms of Death as there were many such places created by Mistress Death to grant the dead peace of mind and to ease their existence until such time as they were ready to be returned to the universe of the living. What made the Sands of Annihilation different is that Mistress Death did not create them nor did she create the Seas of Desolation. Instead, the Seas of Desolation were a spontaneous anomaly where Mistress Death herself cannot see nor sense anything taking place within... a reality unto itself connected with the Dimension of Darkness and where the head of Sol'gorath came to rest. Spirits which became drawn into the Sands of Annihilation would not survive their journey across the Sands of Annihilation as they expended their energies until only a wisp survived, a wisp which became like butterflies floating upon the winds. These wisps were faint remnants of what they once had been so that they could no longer be misled by illusions and began seeking out what life energies might be found until evolving into faerie-like creatures called deathwings. Flying like swarms of locusts, these creatures became a problem for Mistress Death when they emerged from the Sands of Annihilation but inevitably, the life energies they might steal would be enough to remove their hunger so they might eventually be restored or even reincarnated in the universe of the living. The deathwings found it easier, however, to escape the Realms of Death as they could more easily sense the heartbeat between the moment when a living being yet lives and is then given over unto death allowing them to escape when a living being died. Some among these souls became aware they were living in a fantasy of their own memories and would seek escape often being drawn instead into the areas surrounding the Seas of Desolation which seemed like a paradise to them at first. But as they ate the food and drank the water of this place, they gradually became transformed into changeling creatures often more content with their lives as animals than to assert themselves once more as humanoid employing their more advanced intellect. Sol'gorath would take control over these creatures who became known as Nemiads and from them he created the Travelers, entities who would lure souls into the Sands of Annihilation and then help guide them through to where Sol'gorath awaited hungrily for their life energies. Sol'gorath now came to rule within the anomaly understanding it for what it was as it was like a seed wrought from Chaos emerging into a tree with branches extending into many realms including the Realms of Death, the Spiritworld, the Dimension of Darkness, the Realm of Nightmares and even the Netherworlds of Hell.

    For all his power, Sol'gorath was trapped within the Seas of Desolation deep beneath it's darkest point where the pressures are too great for a being of his enormous size to ever escape. Instead, Sol'gorath would evolve himself into something different than he had been, something far worse who would create an army of demons not from Hell... but from spirits of the dead which he found worthy of serving him. The first of these following the Nemiads were the Screamers, creatures using their beauty and their voices as weapons combining attributes of sirens, banshee and succubi. Although mostly female, looks can be deceiving with Screamers as many that appear female are actually male or hermaphroditic being both genders or neither depending on how it may be viewed. Their primary abilities are seduction and powerful voices which can become a high pitched scream to paralyze or even kill their victims incapable of speech and more shade than flesh. Then came the Namora, a species of changelings with limited intellect which would serve specifically as drones to carry out his will and which were formed by merging Deathwings with Nemiads. Casting the Namora into other worlds, they would possess those who would serve Sol'gorath granting them the power of the Namora and greater power should they prove capable of mastering dark arts only Sol'gorath could provide to them. Lastly, there came the Sineaters, beings retaining their intellect and memories to better serve as Sol'goraths demon elite with the strongest among them becoming the Lords of Sin. Unlike the rest, the Sineaters were free to act autonomously as the Travelers specifically sought out the spirits of gods and demons delivered into the care of Mistress Death... and some among the most evil of spirits both alien to other worlds and chosen for a specific purpose rather than being truly evil. Through the Sineaters and the Lords of Sin, Sol'gorath would establish demons which were powerful enough to rival any demons within any realm. They would be creatures of death, of nightmares, of damnation, suffering, pain, lust and desire... they would be all things including saviors as not all Sineaters are evil as we might define it. In fact, some among the Sineaters serve the cause of Order having been purged of their sins and of darkness because without the darkness... the light possesses evils all it's own driven by the desire to cleanse the universe of darkness in an all consuming fire where only those they deem "saved" being allowed to survive their passing. Whatever his dark desires might be, only Sol'gorath might know as he has evolved into an enigmatic evil which none can predict nor even know the extant of his true powers as he has become increasingly as one with the anomaly... and he has many old scores to settle with many across all of existence. Whatever his plans may be, it is a Fallen Angel named Eva who seems key to his plans as she had been manipulated to follow Lucifer before her own powers as an angel had granted her the immortality most angels possessed and been slain by a powerful Cheribum. Unlike the rest, Eva serves a different purpose as a sower of seeds in that she mates and then places the unborn child she has created within the womb of a virgin female who will either bring the child into existence as a living avatar for Sol'goraths evil... or be reborn herself as one of the Nocturne should she be slain. Such creatures serve as minions whose souls are trapped within their unborn child granting their adult body great powers of sorcery should they overcome their ghoulish desire for human flesh. But should the host within a Nocturnes body preserving it's soul be destroyed, it becomes a monstrous creature far more destructive and almost indestructible called a Monolith.

    Describing Sol'gorath

    Sol'gorath the Ever Living has gone through several transitions and forms. His first form was more typical of a demon but was unusual in that the souls he consumed both encircled his body and were part of it writhing and moving about while still possessing what might be called a humanoid form. His second form was as a creature small in stature but bristling with power glowing like a newborn sun. This form evolved, over time, into an enormous beast which took many forms but which possessed only one when existing within the universe of the living... that being a massive creature with purple flesh and a head which seemed covered by multiple eyes more serpent than humanoid except for his torso which retained a humanoid look possessing several arms. His current form is more like a gargantuan head swollen and bulbous as if fattened by the souls he has devoured. It is a creature adorned with plates of armor in various places created from his own flesh and which has both eyes and tentacles emerging from his body... often where one sees an eye one moment, a tentacle emerges a moment later. Sol'gorath seems to possess a face but this is hard to determine because he can reshape his body as he desires but not change it's mass or basic form. At times, Sol'gorath can escape his prison through minions but such times are brief and generally more as an observer sealing a deal his minions make on his behalf serving as his Sol'goraths Arrangers granting powers or wishes in exchange for souls which have not yet cast among the dead as they possess greater life energies which he either consumes or transforms as he desires.

    States of Discord

    To satisfy his Lords of Sin, Sol'gorath would grant each their own kingdoms called the States of Discord where Sol'gorath could nurture their power to rival even that of the Lords of Hell, an identity granted to some of the more powerful demons within the Netherworlds of Hell by Satan. This empowerment satisfies the need for power possessed by such beings and shapes them into more obedient servants of which the Lords of Sin contain at least two such beings destroyed in antiquity for defying their master or possibly seeking to unseat him believing themselves more powerful than they actually were. Each of the fallen gods would create their own pantheons from lesser gods, demons and souls transformed into Sineaters while those that had originally been mortal beings often established their states more like nations. Each of the Lords of Sin would develop their own unique persona based upon a particular sin they saw themselves as the supreme masters over making each of the States of Discord a vision of their own perverse imaginings. Being imprisoned within the Realms of Death like their master, the Lords of Sin sought out souls of the once living seeking those they felt would serve them best. Piercing their own flesh, they summoned forth a worm which possessed part of their own being and each worm would be placed within these souls of the dead... these most evil and wicked spirits who had escaped Hells damnation only to find that death itself held other sufferings to punish them! As the worm merged with their essence, these souls would become reborn and each in turn became more powerful to better serve their creators. Whatever darkness possessed their souls now became multiplied and the madness which possessed their minds became more focused... they would become the Souleaters, beings which were not as powerful as Sineaters because they did not truly rule their own minds but were like draftees serving as soldiers or as minions in the same way that the Lords of Sin and Sineaters serve Sol'gorath.

    The Sineaters ~

    The true danger of the Sineaters is that they are linked to the souls of their descendants in the mortal realms and the other realms of existence. This allows Sineaters the ability to escape the Realms of Death through those sharing their lineage... and those with no living relations can rekindle their lineage through the willing sacrifice of living beings who seek a moments rapture cursing their bloodline to forever bear the Sineaters curse until it too burns itself out. To exist within the universe of the living, Sineaters must have a human host which does not necessarily have to be from among their descendants as they desire dark souls. While a descendant may provide a doorway into the mortal realms (like an anchor more than a doorway possibly), should the Sineater become conjoined with such a soul, their descendant may gain the power to restore dominance over their body transforming themselves into something serving their own evil desires... or becoming Spirits of Vengeance using the evil within them for the cause of good as they view it. In other cases, the Sineater willingly allows this transformation because they do not understand the world they have returned to and will slowly take more control as they learn what they need to know to carry out their own desires or the mission they were sent to complete by Sol'gorath or the Lords of Sin. Once this transformation is made complete, the Sineater becomes far more powerful within the mortal realm even is forever changed by the spirit they have absorbed to become reborn. While most Sineaters retain sentience, this is not always the case as some are so evil that they are drawn only to the darkest of mortal souls bereft of conscience so that their hosts own sentient knowledge is gradually diminished until barely anything human remains. Such a creature is "the Butcher", a soul which possesses serial killers and mass murderers and who prefers the places largely forgotten by most mortals making his butchery easier to conceal. At times, this creature is released with two others called the the Baker and the Candlestick Maker after a nursery rhyme (they have individual identities but those aren't revealed). The Candlestick Maker is a witch known for turning the flesh of living beings into candlestick figures used for sorcery or reshaped as golems of hardened wax which can reform from a liquified state and whose souls burn from within making them look like living lanterns. The Baker is a bit more simple as he's a cannibal who likes serving living beings on tables filled with food... a mix of what one might call food people eat and the still living flesh of people themselves. Like Souleaters, they are formed from a worm taken directly from Sol'gorath himself and their personality develops based on the particular evil which dominates their character. But the most dangerous Sineaters are those who were denied in life what their newfound power allows them the ability to achieve reborn from death... the dreamers, those whose nightmares would take the lives of many to satisfy their thirst for destruction and those who viewed themselves as servants of Order rather than Chaos who possess their own unique evil such as false prophets might have to offer. These are creatures that cannot be reasoned with and which seek only death, carnage and suffering whereas other Sineaters might be driven by reason or retain some sense of purpose greater than mere slaughter.

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