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    Now I understand what you mean, it sorta like that at daz3d also.

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    Yep, and neither really give you what you pay for even though DAZ did a better job before the disastrous software overhaul.

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    I could use some advise on how to make an uvmap for him
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    Unless you can get some nice clean lines around him (which sculptris doesn't do it only does tris) its gonna be a pita too get a good UV on him and even worse if you plan on rigging him.
    Download the free 30 demo version of 3D coat ( no restrictions for 30 days)
    retopo your little critter in there
    UV your little guy in there
    texture him in there
    and export the new obj
    Sculptris...well isnt that good if you plan on doing anything other than a static object.
    if you plan on creating something that move (animates.bends/walks)
    you need nicely placed edge loops(and makes it easier when its time to UV) and quads
    you can also turn those tris into quads in Blender and meshlab (but either way your gonna have to fix it especially if you plan on posing him)
    just retopo him in 3D coat and finish him up all there.

    I learned the hard way years ago when Dr Petter first made sculptris and there weren't any quick retopo solutions back then. all i ended up with was a 200MB character I couldnt do anything with
    if you wanna distribute items created from Scuptris. invest in learning the topology retopologizing in those other apps,I'm pretty sure you can probably do it without fixing the topo,(anything can be done)but Im only gonna explain the "correct" way to do it
    EDIT: didnt mention Zbrush ,because..well i would think if you had it you would have just done it. )

    nice character by the way.
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    thank you very much I will try 3d coat


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