DreamslayerArtworks is a dark fantasy artsite as as you may know, dark fantasy covers a huge spectrum of topics... including light fantasy which is why our motto here is "From Darkness Comes The Light". The layout is designed to be different and different can be a pain in the patootie.

Thus, we know that visitors to DSA will have issues navigating the site which become a bit easier when you understand that the site is designed after a haunted house... the fictional location being Kravenwood Manor.

It may sound a bit odd but we have tried going more mainstream Poser / DAZ Studio like other 3D artsites and we get just as many, or more, complaints people can't find their way around even when we practically cloned other sites. The majority of websites tend to go their own way so I decided to go our own way.

Once you hang around a bit, the site layout becomes easier to understand.

The Manor category is largely for non art related forums to entertain and inspire. Thus, people who visit who don't do 3d art (as yet) or any form of art might feel welcome to get involved and maybe join in our artistic endeavors.

The Village Square is where basic elements like welcomes, birthdays, announcements and information from the programmers goes.

The Great Hall is pretty much general conversation and almost anything else as it is, by design, where you go when you don't know where to post or just want to chatter about.

Competition Central is for contests and awards.

7th Portal is a bit trickier as it's for our paranormal and dark fantasy entertainment elements where you can talk about anything relating to favorite shows, ghosts and anything dark fantasy oriented.

The Devils Toybox is for freebies announcements and sharing freebies information.

Route 666 differs from 7th Portal in that it's focus is on the highway that brings you to Kravenwood Manor and entertainment in a more pure form talking about cars, motorcycles, movies, music and more which relates to being on the road a bit more. We decided to separate it into it's own area because it doesn't address paranormal or dark fantasy as a primary focus.

Rising Sun is for anime fans and gaming which tends to be a huge part of dark fantasy these days and interconnected.

Then you have the DSV forum which serves as our gateway to what's happening at our sister site (owned by Beltazar) where you can interact and maybe see what's going on over there.

The East Wing is where we get more into art and learning skills.

Skills Development 101 is a general forum where anything can be asked, posted or discussed about art in general of any format whether 2D or 3D. It is also our newbie forum for people just starting out in Poser, DAZ Studio or other programs who don't know where to post or who are searching for information and help.

DAZ Studio Artists and Poser Planet are for the two software programs most used on DSA.

The Darkroom is about photography and Illustration & Design is for more professional endeavors to teach practical commercial applications for your artistic skills. Illustration and design are not artworks in a classical sense and have nothing to do with what you want to create. It is a forum where you learn to create artwork for someone else to see if you can envision what a paying customer might want and it is a forum where paying customers may actually post to see if you can deliver the image they want. The same is true with the Darkroom where people may need airbrushing or photo repair where they are willing to pay you for your services... if they can.

Wings3D was added by request to see if we could generate a bit more support for modeling programs which brings us to...

The West Wing (skipping over the Library for a moment) is devoted to software programs more designed for modeling. Each forum is dedicated to specific programs except The Smithery which is a generic forum for modeling basics, questions and site projects members are invited to participate in regardless of skill levels.

The Library is where our writers congregate.

The Poisoned Quill is for poetry, songs, short stories and anything else they might wish o share where they are strictly telling us it is their work and copyrighted to them... do not use without asking for permission.

The Tiki Bar is for jokes and humor.

Where Monsters Dwell is the site owners own forum for sharing his own wild imaginings (as in me myself and I lol)

Causes is where you might promote causes you believe in and which your fellow artists and writers might get behind to help out worthy causes.

Mythology is where you can post about the mythology of ancient peoples. Mythology is based on religion but one must remember that religion considered to still be practiced does not fall under a mythological category. We do not discuss Christianity, Islam or any other "living" faith except where adherents at least partially accept their faith as mythological based (such as Hinduism) or which can fall under a category of paganism or which is relatively unknown. Because the lines between mythology and a living religion blur, elements like Samson in the Hebrew Bible or Lilith might be considered mythology... but Jesus and Mohammed would not be as there seems to be ample proof both existed and whatever one might consider of the faiths that derive from them, we tend to void these areas out of respect for believers in living faiths.

The Crypt is for our special forums like Darker Realms and Black Rose which are separate areas more akin to separate sites incorporated into DSA that were once separate sites we used to operate.

The Grounds is for archives and where we toss spammers.

And there you have a general layout for the forums. The galleries will be discussed separately and forums in the East or West wings may change out between them based on increased support as forums in the West Wing that get more support will be moved to the East Wing so as to be higher up on the forums list.