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    Not For Profit Organizations / Charities

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    This forum was created to honor a great person who has been both a friend and companion to the members of DSA for years. Amira got us started dedicating time and space to worthy charities and causes fighting to save the rhino's in South Africa and across Africa. From this, we expanded to other such worthy causes.

    We at DSA would like to thank Amira for her dedication and love for helping others as a warm and caring person.

    If you have a worthy cause you would like us to add to the above list, we are using 468 X 60 banners. Provide a banner and the link or ask us to make the banner for you as we may do that to assist you. The banners above are mostly made by DSA staff and we hope you enjoy them. You may use them for your own site if you wish as long as you link to sites they were created for.

    Thank you Amira and thanks to all of our members and staff.

    ~ Management ~

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    Give me a bit of time to get uptodate links and banners, I can definitely add a couple

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    Added the Predator Defense Fund banner. Since the US government has taken over wildlife management, they have created a disaster. A farmer in Washington State didn't follow the rules set to protect his livestock and wolves killed some as a result. So rather than going after the farmer holding him responsible for his own losses like they were supposed to do, the geniuses in Washington ordered a wolf hunt killing four including the matriarch of a pack which is under heavy observation by animal rights groups. Without the pack leader, the young pack could die off during the Winter because of their inexperience hunting.

    Most who know me know that I passionately support wolves and conservation efforts to protect and restore them. One of our members here addressed the matter with me about wolves in her state as they were reintroduced there... the wrong breed of wolves who aren't adapted to the environment. Against the law, and against all common sense, animal rights groups did this without permission and almost no education about the subject.

    Thus, in the name of returning a species to a region we ignorantly shot out all the wolves in, animal rights activists created a bigger problem because wolves not adapted to their environment can cause a lot of damage to wildlife, livestock and family pets... they might even become a threat to humans.

    Ok, I get that and educated myself a bit more on the matter.

    But, this issue brings back to the forefront how farmers created hysteria because they wanted wolves eliminated to protect their profits. Wolves will kill livestock and, in the past, it could be understood that people had no understanding of extinction. Shoot out the wolves in one region, they'll still be surviving in another region. But now, we have numerous observation groups, tracking collars and even implants to track them down... and even follow their movement so we can tell what wolf killed what livestock. And since we're paying people in the state and federal government to do this as well... why not make them earn their money?

    Right now, the price of beef is through the roof because of droughts in Texas and other states which raise cattle. Washington State isn't one of these states and if the government had any sense, they could just replace any cows killed by wolves with cattle from drought stricken states. Common sense would also have them creating a national water distribution system so states enduring droughts can get all the water they need and they aren't doing this either.

    So, why shoot these wolves? Animal rights groups have money and could replace the dead livestock if they were told before the government takes action killing every wolf in sight.

    I know not everyone supports reintroducing wolves and it's a controversial subject. But there has to be a place in our world for wolves as the only reason we killed them off was to protect the profits of farmers in the past. We have advanced much since then and the mentality we just saw where these wolves were shot... is the same mentality they use when we see the government doing the same things to us.


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