Abandoned at birth by parents unknown to her, the child who would one day become known as the Baroness was delivered to a concubine serving Sargon of Akkad... the worlds first empire builder. Having no children by him, she would claim this infant as her own raising it to become a servant in her masters throne room. The girl would be named Sanumma Lemnu (different or hostile and evil) by Sargon because he could sense something dark within her not unlike the darkblood flowing within his own veins. At the age of five, this darkness led her to slit the throat of a servant who had insulted her just to watch him bleed to death. Instead of being angry with Sanumma, Sargon laughed as he knew he had a viper in his house he would train to become a royal assassin killing anyone in his house who defied him. Always lurking in the shadows, anyone invited into his palace Sargon wanted dead... a knowing glance from him and Sanumma disappeared until her victims bodies were discovered. As she grew into a young woman, Sargon eventually lost control over his own curse in a fit of rage killing several in his court before regaining control over himself. Seeing the girl hiding in the shadows and seeing a mysterious injury on himself that didn't heal, he called Sanumma forth to see her glowing eyes and his own teeth marks having ripped flesh from her shoulder. From this moment forward, Sargon referred to Sanumma as his true daughter because they were now bound by blood as his curse was now hers to bear as well. It was soon after these events that Sanumma became more involved in her mothers life as she learned that her mother was involved in worshiping a hidden goddess called Nekrosh. This was a goddess of death who had apparently been slain and beheaded in some ancient war between gods where her body had become forgotten. However, it would be discovered by humans who hungered so that they dared to eat of it's flesh and drink it's still fresh flowing blood. Eventually sensing her daughter, her mother called to her during one of their rituals and summoned her among them. The flesh of the god responded immediately to Sanumma's presence and touching it caused it to move as if alive. For this reason, some called her Ashara as if she were the embodiment of their goddess representing blood, love, enchanted, scorpions and a binding promise which they hopes would elevate them to a higher plane of existence.

The longer Sanumma remained in contact with the monstrous creature, the more her own memories of past lives became restored to her. The ancient kingdom of Kish is one of the most ancient kingdoms of mankind. Located in the Middle East, Kish was ruled by a series of early god kings in the third millennium BC. One of these was a cruel despot named Zuqaqip or King Scorpion. Ruthless in battle, it was believed that he was a demigod because he seemed to be much more than a mortal man and his mother had always claimed that his father was unknown having forced himself upon her. To serve him, King Scorpion took a harem of wives which he was constantly renewing because he murdered them in the most brutal ways possible when he tired of them. One among them was different than the rest as she was his sister and to preserve her, he had his priests summon a demon to possess her to preserve her life against his brutality. Saburi had become his queen because only she survived his violence and because for all that he had done, she understood and cared for him as she possessed a gentle spirit. Unfortunately for her, the more she suffered the more the demons anger and defiance of him caused King Scorpion to inflict even greater pain upon Saburi. Word of defeat for his army led King Scorpion to become even more savage killing his entire harem before his queen even as unimaginable suffering was inflicted upon her. He sought to awaken the demon within her not understanding that she had been suppressing it to protect him. No longer able to contain her agonies, a final glance from her tear soaked eyes let him know he was about to get his wish as his sisters final words of love and forgiveness unleashed the demon within her. Becoming transformed, the demon broke it's chains setting itself free killing everyone to the delight of King Scorpion... then, it was his turn. Those beyond the doors leading to his inner chamber would hear his screams of agony and pleasure for hours before entering when all became silent. What met their eyes was their king tied between stone columns ripped apart with his crowned skull held firmly in her hand as their new ruler had no desire to share power with anyone... let alone a demigod. But for others who were too weak to threaten her rule, The Scorpion Queen would bestow her "gift" upon others who served her with only one in ten surviving to become the first of the Unliving. The reign of the Scorpion Queen would be brief as a great and powerful sorcerer unleashed a massive flood to destroy the evils of his lands which had overwhelmed it. She had become the very monstrous creature now before Senumma to destroy this ancient sorcerer only to be struck down herself by the god Shamash whose whose power threatened the gods turning the balance in favor of darkness.

  • Real Name ~ Sanumma Lemnu
  • Date of Birth ~ August 12, 2265 BC /// Place of Birth ~ Kish, Sumeria
  • Race / Ethnicity ~ Semitic / Caucasian /// Gender Female
  • Hair ~ sandy blond Eyes ~ brown Height ~ 5ft 10in Body Type ~ Slim / Muscular / Toned
  • Classification ~ Villain /// Legal Status ~ Criminal Antagonist
  • Relatives ~ Sargon of Akkad (adoptive father)
  • Marital Status ~ Single /// Children ~ Unknown
  • Occupation ~ Owner of ATRAX Industries
  • Strength Level ~ Class 5 Superhuman /// Endurance ~ Class 9 Superhuman
  • Known Aliases ~ Baroness De La Sade, Ashara, Lady Adelina Ulrika, Ella Marrok, Whore of Babylon /// Citizenship ~ China
  • Group Affiliation ~ Member of the Unholy

Growing powerful and regaining memories which evolved her mind to know more than she might have ever learned in this lifetime, Sanumma now once more called herself the Scorpion Queen and her rebirth attracted the Unliving to serve her. Also in her service were the Nekrid, humans and other creatures which had entered her corpse to become reborn within it's still living womb. Learning of the Cult of the Scorpion Queen from the priests of Shamash, Sargon prepared his armies to make war unknowing that the Scorpion Queen was much more than she had been as she now knew she was Unholy and much more ancient than any of the gods might be. Transforming the headless goddess into a massive seven headed serpent, Sanumma emerged with all the powers of Hell which were hers to command and met the armies of Sargon in battle. Defeating the man who raised her as his own child, Sanumma ravaged the land but had not destroyed Sargon leaving him to his own horrific methods. Thousands of children would be sacrificed by Sargons priests seeking the favor of bloodthirsty gods hungry for the most innocent of victims to arm a special unit of soldiers with supernatural weapons. Hunting those serving the Scorpion Queen and slaying them, they themselves would fall in battle with their weapons disappearing to become merged into a special bow held by Sargon himself. In his next encounter with the Scorpion Queen, the newly proclaimed Whore of Babylon commanded a vast army which not even Sargon hoped he could defeat. But by using his weapon against Sanumma, he destroyed her beast weakening all but her most powerful Nekrid so they became easier to slay turning the war in Sargons favor. Although he could not slay her, Sargon succeeded in incapacitating Sanumma and sewed her into the body of her beast as bolts of energy rained down upon it causing it to crash through the earth into an underground cavern she became buried within. Centuries would pass before Sanumma absorbed the power of the seven headed serpent completely and managed to free herself breaking through the magick used to contain her beneath tons of stone. No longer caring to rule the world herself, Sanumma determined that she would return to the shadows using her powers to serve men who would rule in her place providing her with what she desired in return for her services. She would assume whatever role these powerful men might desire of her as they satisfied her petty cruelties that made life worth living... or at least provided her the euphoria that screams and torments afforded her. But those men who forget she willingly served them and was no mans slave, she held even greater torments reserved for them as she shifted her allegiance even to ally with her own enemies against them.

From Mesopotamia to ancient China, Egypt to Greece, the New World to France during the French Revolution where she gained the name "le Baroness" and for a time served with the Marquis de Sade after killing the baron she had married gifting her with her title. Returning to the shadows, she would eventually emerge in Germany as the Prussian Empire moved forward leading the world into the Great War. While it is unknown exactly what became of her after World War I, she re emerged in the years leading up to the rise of Nazi Germany where she was free to do whatever suited her as long as she served the Third Reich. Following the war, she shifted for a time to the Soviet Union before tiring of the direction she saw the world moving in. This was a world where technology might kill billions without ever seeing your victims, without giving them a chance to some sense of honor in their passing and where you would not hear your enemies screaming... or simply looking them in the eyes as they died to know they had once been alive. No... this was not a world which the Baroness enjoys leading her to become enigmatic in her ways. During World War II, Baroness participated in the creation of Projekt Skorpion which was a league of assassins sometimes called the Nazi Ninjas because German troops were trained by Japanese ninja to serve the Baroness. After the war, Projekt Skorpion disbanded for a time before being reformed by the Baroness as the Deathstalkers and forming ATRAX Industries in South America. Shifting from scorpions to arachnids in general, the Baroness made the acquaintance of another member of the Unholy calling herself Atrocity. Having actually been a monstrous scorpion in a past life, Atrocity made a good partner except that her lust for carnage and suffering was greater than the Baroness herself. It was her own enigmatic nature which eventually led the Baroness into conflict with Atrocity as anyone earning her respect and admiration gains her as a benefactor... and Atrocity killed the family of such a person against the Baroness's wishes. Baroness has assumed the human name Ella Marrok as a pseudonym for "foreign wolf" in the modern world as she is unlike any other Garou in existence. Ironically, she attributes her unique looks to having been a faerie in a past life... more an evil shrike with a nasty fiery sting, but a faerie nonetheless. Baroness is a master of ancient and forgotten languages including ancient tongues of non human origin. While Baroness does not truly think so highly of herself as to be narcissistic, she does often wear little or no clothing because she likes to be seen as a human animal. Only she calls herself the Great Whore or the Whore of Babylon without it being an insult and she greatly dislikes the word ugly because to her we're all beautiful when we scream. Although she enjoys inflicting harm on others, she is also a masochist who enjoys self inflicted abuse and various pains her minions might cause. She heals very quickly so that very few injuries even leave a mark that lasts more than a few moments. She also has a way with animals where she can control them and loves horses which she regards as womans best friend. Baroness enjoys a good fight and will often reduce her power levels to give an opponent a fair chance to inflict injury just as she might upon them.

Baroness is first and foremost a Garou, a powerful werewolf who rarely assumes a full Garou form as she begins transforming attributes of a black scorpion the further she changes. In this form, she is more heavily armored, loses her hair as a Garou and grows a scorpions tail excreting powerful poisons from it, her fangs and her claws. This poison acts like an acid so that she cannot pass on her curse as any other darkblooded creature might... only by drinking her blood can anything become cursed and even then they will be reborn as Nekrid. She can also become a diminutive fairy like creature using her green flame to burn and possesses a lethal stinger with poisons none as yet have ever survived. In her human form, Baroness is an expert in all forms of martial arts and an expert in the use of almost any weapon. She possesses superhuman agility, tremendous strength and while her fists can shatter stone...her kicking ability can smash solid steel often leaving a footprint when kicking anything made of metal. Often, Baroness is regarded as one of the weaker members of the Unholy because she prefers a physical fight face to face and has difficulty manifesting her full power because it manifests in different forms. However, she can summon other powers including spellcasting using her green flame which allows her other abilities like teleportation. Der Baroness also possesses a steel gauntlet for her left arm called Die Faust von Zerstörung (the Fist of Destruction) which came into her possession when the Nazi's failed to summon the Prussian god Perkūnas whom they learned had become merged with the demonic god Peckols during the War of the Gods to become Lord of Pokol (the Prussian version of Hell). The demon god was defeated by the god Thor forcing him back through the doorway into Pokol not knowing, or not caring, that his gauntlet had been left behind. It came into her control after Nazi Germany's defeat with it's power never being fully discovered beyond a power source for several different weapons. In her possession, it grants Baroness great power literally making her entire body like a hammer which cannot be broken, which possesses devastating smashing power and can unleash powerful thunderbolts. The gauntlet disappears until summoned and allows her to manifest all her power at once rather than in her various forms transforming her into one of the most powerful of the Unholy instead of weaker.

Spirit Beasts ~

Der Baroness has a serpentine spirit beast more like an octopus which seems more a manifestation created by her possession of Die Faust von Zerstörung as it had formerly been a seven headed serpent. When it manifests from her body, it emerges from her back as tentacles within each exists a hidden serpent at the very tip. She can also transform herself into the seven headed serpent beast if she desires but has done so very few times during her existence. The beast can spit a green flame which turns anything it touches to stone or burns like acid. She can also devour enemies in this form or mystic objects to grant herself the power they possess albeit this transformation seems to happen only when the tentacled beast manifests. Another spirit beast is a deathstalker scorpion which seems to only allow her to summon the poisonous beasts from her hand but also affects her transformation as a Garou because after becoming partly changed from human to werewolf, any further transformation finds her becoming a a black wereling scorpion as explained above.