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    Smile Welcome SlimerJSpud

    Greetings and Welcome SlimerJSpud please come in and relax. we saw you coming out of the fog, must be thick out there. Here is a cup of coffee, there is plenty of food in the kitchen and a room already waiting for you. Please do enjoy your stay...

    I should warn you to be very careful around the shadows, its where we keep our pets. If you should find yourself lost amongst these corridors, just scream! We will come looking for you...

    Might take a while to stroll along these halls and what ever you do, don\'t be afraid, now please make yourself at home...

    When it is dinner time we will come and fetch you, wouldn\'t want to miss the surprise now!

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    Is that something along the lines of, "I'm having an old friend for dinner?" I'm always poking around the nether regions looking for tasty bits..

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    Hey SJSpud... I remember seeing you around forums in another world that I no longer go to... welcome
    Schell’s Armour Works… Home of “Theschell’s” Fantasy, Sci-fi and Historical models for Poser and also home to the free, Stand-alone, Anime Girl Kristin Figure. Come check out my Website and Store at ... Hope to see you!

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    Yup, 'tis me. I try to use that avatar everywhere. Easy to spot. It's a laser image I did centuries ago, when lasers were made with stone knives and bear skins...


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