Pink Ink-Challenge by the Mistress

Think Pink and Ink!
the goal of this challenge is to depict gals based on the descriptions posted below(there are 12 of them) each image is to show tattoos and a gals Pink Downunder!

The Rules ~

No child nudity

All images must be new and original

There are no prizes for this challenge, you just get to do a whole collection of gals.

Heres the Girls!

1.Lilly is an amazing hardcore gal with bleach blonde hair and a super hot collection of sexy tattooes. With an amazing Pink Downunder as she deep fingers her box.
2.Ashlyn is a young, super hot, inked-up freak with a variety of sexy hardcore tatts including a spider, the word SINNER and a beautiful rose on her left hand. In this Ink And Pink episode, Ashlyn gets a big bat on her left arm ,Ashlyn gets hardcore with a fat black dildo.
3.Jet has got some of the hottest tattoos I've ever seen on a girl, especially one that looks as innocent as she does. Her biggest tattoo is a pirate ship on her right side with a treasure map feel and an "x marks the spot" close to her beautiful shaved Pink!
4.Alice Malice is a super juicy, super tall goth freak! She has always had this fetish for Alice in Wonderland and decides to get a very kick ass, alter-ego Alice tattoo right in the center of her back.
5.Cherry Chase is a hot, redheaded vixen who loves to get totally kinky on video.
6.Maddy is one super hot, totally dirty 21 year old slut who is just starting to build her sexy tattoo collection. Depict her getting her Pink off with a 12 inch clear dildo.
7.Raven is a sexy, exotic hottie who, is a tattoo virgin,you get to depict her getting her first one!!(there is a free tattoo kit link in our freebie thread)
8.Virginia is a sexy slut with bright red highlights in her hair and a delicious Pink.
9.Krys loves sexy tattooes and piercings,with a nice painful chest tattoo of a sewn up, bleeding heart.
10.Candy is a mother who has a tattoo of her son's baby feet on her left hip.
11.Derek is a raunchy older slut who takes a huge plastic dildio up her Pink with a huge Lotus tattoo on the front of her leg This chick is hardcore and probably from the wrong side of town!
12.Jen is a sexy 21 year old who loves being a naughty exhibitionist,with a tattoo of a lock over her heart.

Post your images or links here!