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    The Mystical Cavy Haven Mission

    It all started about 10 years ago, when I lost my guinea pig Solo. I brought her down with me when I moved to Shreveport La from Michigan. My husband ask me if I wanted to get another guinea pig and that I could pick him or her out at the local pet store. I told him I would think about it. A few days later I told my husband that I would love another guinea pig, but I would rather get an guinea pig that needed a forever home. Thus Mystical Cavy Haven was born.
    It rough to be a guinea pig, first home is at the breeders, then you end up at a pet shop waiting for some one to buy you. This is now your 3rd home in a matter of months. Then one day they no longer want you and you now is looking for a new home. The poor guinea pig already lived in 4 different places.
    At the present time I have 6 guinea pigs living with me and at one time I had 12. I never know from one day to next when a new guinea pig will be needing a forever home.
    I provide them with a very loving home,where they get a lot of attention. and any veterinarian care they maybe needing.
    My mission is to provide an loving stable home for unwanted guinea pigs in my area.
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