Catherine Clements was a beautiful southern belle who had everything in the world going for her. She was born into a wealthy family who owned a large country estate and she was spoiled rotten by her doting parents. From an early age, she seemed to have a magnetic charm where boys seemed to fawn over her for attention and girls seemed drawn to her hoping to get some of that attention for themselves. But Catherine was also an isolated child who didn't know much of the world about her beyond journeying to town on occasion to pick up a new dress or to be presented to her mothers associates as if she were an exotic creature possessed more than loved. When she reached adulthood, her parents were found mysteriously hacked to death in their home and three transient black men were lynched for the crime as no one dared to believe that Catherine was capable of such deeds even if she were the only other person in the home at the time. Now inheriting her parents estate for her own, Catherine became the heart of everyones attention. Her parents business partners now came to her increasing her personal fortune and standing in the community even should she only rarely venture there. She would be surrounded by adoring men and, on any given day, visitors might be shocked to find up to a dozen men lying about around her somewhat like a pack of dogs in heat more than suitors which they were presented as being. The rumors about Catherine Clements would only grow with time as it didn't seem she was interested in marrying and the men in her life were nothing but playthings while the women seemed more like courtesans to keep the men otherwise occupied when Catherine had no time for them. One day, a mysterious dark haired man arrived with an invitation to a grand ball to which he would serve to escort her to where it was being held. He was a a man dashingly handsome who, with a single look, caused women to almost faint before him while men seemed to dread his gaze as it froze them with fear as if in the presence of a dangerous predator. Having two weeks to prepare herself, Catherine seemed to become entranced by this man and eventually lost herself in his arms. on the day before they were to leave, he would bow before her on bended knee to declare his love for her and to ask that she accept his invitation to use the occasion of the ball to be wed. Silent because she was overwhelmed and did not know what to say, his servants appeared presenting her with rings and jewelry beyond her imagining as he literally covered her fingers with gold and diamonds rather than a simple wedding band. Accepting his proposal, she readied her entourage and upon her arrival, found herself standing before an enormous manor which seemed to extend in all directions like a massive wall to which there was no end in sight.

Within the manor, splendors of all form befell her eyes with amazement and people were scurrying about both to perform their daily duties, and to offer entertainment to amuse her. When she entered the room in which she would stay until she was wed, she found herself dumbfounded that this was only a single room when it was larger than half her own family estate. Before her were attendants prepared to ready her for her wedding day and upon her bed, a beautiful wedding dress which would be fitted to her body by a seamstress. It was explained that this dress had belonged to her intendeds mother and that it had also been worn by his first wife who had died under mysterious circumstances they refused to speak of. Although she felt like a princess with the way she was being treated, there was a sense of unease as she began to feel that somehow this had all been planned. How did the gentleman she was to marry know to bring all the adornments he had gifted to her? How was it that everyone within his manor were prepared for her arrival when there were no telegraph lines anywhere around her own estate with which to contact them? But the greatest sense of unease came from the portraits hanging about everywhere as she felt as if the people in the portraits were watching her. Even the mirrors provided to satisfy her vanity seemed somehow wrong to her even should they reflect how much more beautiful she now seemed to be with all the focus on her wedding day. On the night of the grand ball, she was elated to see the costumes and masks with music and fanfare everywhere about her. They would dance late into the night before her intended disappeared leaving her alone in the crowd of people she did not know. He would then reappear in the walkway above announcing to all that he wished them to be silent as he had an important announcement to make. Telling all those gathered of his intentions to be wed this night, he called to Catherine to join him as those standing along the stairway stepped to the side bowing with respect to allow her access to join with her soon to be husband. As she took his hand, her traveling companions now appeared to bear witness to the proceedings as a priest made his way to stand before them. It was now that she became alarmed as the priest was unlike any she had known dressed in red with a horned mask... this was a costume ball, but this was also her wedding. She protested the manner in which the wedding was being rushed as she was not even wearing her wedding dress. But as she looked into her betrothed's eyes she felt a sense of warmth envelop her and realized that she was now wearing her wedding dress.

Although shocked, Catherine remained entranced by the man holding her hand who seemed to wish her to look only at him as he softly spoke reassurances to her and gently turned her head with his other hand if she seemed to wish glancing away. Listening to him say "I Do" Catherine could not pay attention to anything other than the man she loved and yet, she too would say "I Do" as if on cue longing for his embrace. After a deep passionate kiss, her eyes glanced over to the priest and to her horror... he was now a demon perched upon a pillar smiling at her causing Catherine to gasp. Her attention was then taken by the cheering of the guests whom she now saw for what they truly were, ghosts and wraiths whose forms were in various states of death. Grasping her new husband in fear thinking herself going mad from the alcoholic beverages she had imbibed during the night, she felt something warm and slimy wrapping around her throat only to find it was her husbands tongue as he too was not what he had seemed. Breaking free from his grasp, Catherine bolted away in desperation to escape the nightmares surrounding her. As she did so, other creatures made themselves known trying to capture or to kill her leaving her scarred and battered before finding a room where she seemed to be safe for the moment. It was here that other apparitions appeared to her begging her not to fear them as they would help her all they could to escape. It was from them that she learned of the fate meant for her as her parents had made a deal with the manors owner which gave them their wealth and that her mother was from this place having sought escape. As a little girl touched her forehead, images flooded into her mind of all things which might be known of the history of this place. She would also see herself possessed by madness slaying her own parents and then the three innocent men who died because she did not remember her crimes... nor many others which she committed when the madness was upon her. Catherine now understood that she was the Devils Own and that his son was the man whom she had married. His name was John Kraven and he had literally reached into her mothers womb to touch her and to curse her as his to claim when he chose to do so. These spirits were victims of the Manor who had not succumbed to the evil of Kravenwood but who were trapped nonetheless so that all they could try to do would be to help others escape where they had not. Sensing her husband nearing her, the spirits told her to flee as they would do what they could to keep the others from following. With the spirit of the little girl leading her by the hand, Catherine ran through the hallways going where she was told and fighting off those creatures and spirits which tried to attack her.

Finally, she found herself back in the room where she had first slept as the little girl seemed to have lost her way and was now calling her "mommy" for some reason. Asking why she had been brought back to this place, the little girl grew silent as wind blew open the windows causing the gaslight to blow out. It was now that she saw the portraits upon the walls seem to move and then to come alive as wraiths screaming as they emerged to give chase after her. Exhausted, Catherine found herself in an area still lit by candlelight and the girl now slowly walked up to her. "Mommy", she said. To which Catherine finally said, "I am not your mommy". I know, said the girl, but she is! With this, Catherine looked behind her to see another portrait of a beautiful woman wearing the very dress she was wearing. As fear flushed across Catherines face, the portrait came to life and the womans face became that of a demon as she reached out to grab Catherine before she could turn to run in terror. Catching her by the hair, the wraith pulled Catherine towards the portrait as Catherine fought with all her strength to no avail as the spirit drew her into the portrait with her. As all grew silent, the little girl stood staring blankly at the portrait until something came from within to land at her feet. As a smile began to form across her face, she became a twisted exaggeration of what a human should look like as she reached down to pick up the womans leg... her reward for doing her part to ensure Catherine did not escape their master. The next night, Kravenwood Manor was silent once more save for the giggling of childrens ghosts at play and the occasional scream of some tortured soul reliving the nightmare of what had befallen them in their final moments among the living. As one walks through the dimly lit manner, the sound of music from a bygone era can be heard drawing you towards a doorway where light can be seen from within. Upon entering, there seems to be no one present and the old phonograph player continues playing as you walk around the room amazed by what you are seeing. Only when you reach a certain area of the room are your eyes drawn to the portrait of a beautiful woman with a particular sadness upon her face are you finally aware that you are not alone. As the sound of laughter causes you to turn where you now see a man surrounded by beautiful women holding a glass of wine. Having turned your back to the portrait, too late do you see a shape emerging from it as it grasps you firmly with her hands pulling you towards her where she sinks her teeth deeply and rips out half your throat. As the figure emerges from the painting, her twisted shape gives way to the beauty of Catherine Clement as she walks forward with a smile upon her face to take her place among the brides laying alongside their husband John Kraven!