The origins of Section Eight begin with the need to keep up with the identities of the dead operating on behalf of Dark Op's... and those whose deaths were caused, or are important to operations of the organization. The only Director of Section Eight is a member of the Undying calling herself Mademoiselle Brigitte Dagda (aka Catherine Saint George), a woman once possessed by the spirit of a goddess known as [url=]Brigid[/i] and who is descended from the vodou death loa Maman Brigitte. Her knowledge of the supernatural and her powers made her uniquely qualified for this role after over a century of malevolence venting the darkness which dominated over her. Given the chance for reform and a position she was uniquely suited for, Dagda would be given the cover name of Death Loa and a team to build Section Eight. While Section Eight might seem to be unnecessary, it provides an invaluable service in a world where dead doesn't always mean "permanence" and where tracking down those who are supposed to be dead is a necessity. Section Eight would be given authority to coordinate the activities of Section Six and Section Twenty-Nine because they are more active in the field. Thus, Dagda holds Level Seven security clearance in order to be considered a Prime Director giving her authority over the Directors of these other two sections. Agents in Section Eight are sometimes called Morticians or [/i]Jackals[/i] which they initially saw as an affront but eventually accepted taking pride in how it distinguishes them from other agents. Agents in Section Eight are marked by a symbol on their lower back just above the tailbone representing a caduceus without the wings and with two entwined venomous vipers. As they rise in position, this symbol is enlarged until it reaches their neck and each serpent then extends down each arm. The reason for the symbol is that it represents the aspect of the god Hermes as a guide of the dead and it was created by Dagda as a reflection of her own body markings. Section Eight also employs specialists dealing specifically with necromancy, death and the walking dead.