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    Ides of March-Writers Contest

    The Darker Realms section of DreamSlayerArtworks is holding a writers contest that will end on the Ides of March. I cordially invite you to join our free site and all of our child sites as well.

    For your entry please choose from the list of available plots below and clearly label each entry with the number of the plot you have chosen for that particular entry. Multiple entries are encouraged.


    1. On a hellish world, in a time of dreams and danger, seven herbologists combat a horde of aliens intent on on destroying humanity.

    2. On a planet of monsters and devils, a professor searches for an ancient treasure.

    3. In a city of crime and darkness, in an era of terror and panic, a novelist combats a horde of devils intent on on taking over the world.

    4. In a barbaric land, in a time of devils, two dungeon delvers quest for love.

    5. In an empire of darkness and prophecy, a smuggler and a cyberpunk seek justice

    6. In a sinful kingdom of necromancy, seven queens battle a band of fallen angels.

    7. In a sinful world of lost souls, in an era of murder and lost souls, a clone tries to solve the ultimate crime.

    8. The Oz Stories (L. Frank Baum) with bikers and a post-apocalyptic setting!

    9. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carrol) with ninjas and alien artifacts!

    10. A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens) with zombies!

    11. The legend of King Midas envisioned as a metaphorical erotic tale

    12. The legend of King Arthur envisioned as a post-apocalyptic tale.

    13. The legend of Perseus envisioned as a realistic cyberpunk tale

    14. The fall of Satan involved a magical artifact?

    15. The addition of hypnosis by drugs in food makes boot camp an assembly line of of unquestioning, never doubting soldiers.

    16. As the oil has begun to dry up the legions of hell have begun to roam the earth freed by the eruptions of volcanoes all over the earth.

    17. Completing their orbit around Saturn all radio contact has been lost. Even after six months journey back to earth there is no response. Where does it lead?...

    Hope to read you soon,
    Liz Dube
    User Id iamboo

    top winners will recieve a profile award and plaque for there gallerys.
    for more info on this challenge please contact iamboo by site pm or post here.
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