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    June DAZ Challenge... Abandoned

    All around us is a world of tremendous beauty where we go about our day to day lives living without noticing those things which have been abandoned. Old buildings, cars, farm equipment and living things like abandoned pets and people. At one time, all these things had a purpose, were loved and enjoyed the light just as we ourselves do. But, along the way, something happened and these things became abandoned.

    It is often said that the reason we believe in ghosts and hauntings is because those things we abandon or forget still possess a life if only because of some form of living memory that survives even after we abandon these places. Haunting us with memories of the past in ways that those things still in use cannot until they too are abandoned.

    One looks at a ruin and wonders about the past. You can almost see the building being built, lived in and the purpose it once held. You see an abandoned pet and know that someone once loved it or that at least it was in their lives cared for and a part of a family. You see someone homeless on the street and you can sense their past and the things which led to them living where they are.

    Being abandoned is always sad and it is this sadness which we seem to sense and which creates wonder in our minds.

    This months DAZ Challenge asks you to take the concept of abandonment and turn it into an image. To create something which to you seems to have once had a purpose, that was loved and was cared for... but today, these things lay in ruin and are abandoned.

    Or maybe, it's just something that was abandoned for the best of reasons like buildings that were designed for war efforts where the intent was to do harm... then again, maybe such harm was unintended.

    Abandoned is a word that can have many meanings and we're asking you to focus on finding one for your artistic endeavors.

    Prize: One $100.00 Gift Certificate From DAZ3D

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    Junes Daz Challenge Winner Is...

    Guardian-Angel-671 Abandoned by Time

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    Congratz for the winner. Great work!

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    oh wow thanks. I loved the other entries. They were all awesome.


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