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    Christmas Advent Calendar


    We will be adding some prizes for you to download day to day, up until Christmas. DSA wanted all of our guest and members to enjoy the spirit of the holidays by giving you a special gift each days just for coming to visit us.

    Each day a gift box will be accessible and just clicking on that gift box a special gift will be downloaded to you. These are all zipped files and the contents can be anything from a special gift card to randomly selected to a packaged prop for you to use.

    Enjoy and have a jolly season holiday!


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    Thank you for the prezzie!

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    You are very welcome and Santa says because you all have very good this year there is an extra special gift included in the list.

    Click image for larger version

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    Gee thanks! You are very kind. Will enjoy opening up my prezzies.

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    Totally awesome and thank you
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    Thank you, I love Xmas

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    Thanks for all the gifts.
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    Just popped in to see how the delivery of the prezzies was going... it all looks good from here.

    Psst! I just heard from one of Santa's elves that he had provided two special prezzies. Hmmm, still don't know which package it is in. I wonder if it is that big box there or that one in the middle. Oh, well i will just have to wait like the rest of you.

    Hope you are all having a good time enjoying your prezzies so far.

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    Thank you!

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    dunno what one but im willing to wait to find out
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