Well the latest reality "fake-u-mentary" is airing now on the History Channel and in just two episodes has reached epic levels of preposterous stupidity lol. Tonights episode featured a crazy woman killing local pets to make offerings up to the rougaroo to protect local townspeople. I don't mind these shows being on the air if they were on SyFy or Chiller but the History Channel wants us to take them seriously and here they are airing shows which are completely fake?? Animal Planet is the same way.

But the difference is that when History Channel airs a program like Vikings, it's entertainment based on history. While Vikings is a work of fiction, it's is attempting to create a show based on real facts, culture and beliefs. When they do a show on Bigfoot, it can be completely fake but they at least focus on the history of the belief in this creature and include elements of archaeology and native beliefs to where it doesn't have to be fake to present an "exploration" into the phenomenon. The same can be said to be true of the ghost shows on television as they investigate places where history was made and which you might otherwise never hear about.

There seems to be a difference here with this show that I'm not liking. It's not that it's a bad show. In fact, it seems kind of interesting and it is entertaining. It addresses certain cryptids but it tries to do way too much. They were in a field where they're hollering to someone to show themselves and the crop around them suddenly just explodes with activity... viewed from a camera on a boom. Now, to set up this shot, they had to bring in a lot of equipment and know exactly where the activity was going to happen in order to be shooting it as a boom operator isn't going to be able to whip around like someone carrying a video camera. They're not claiming this is a reenactment but that it's really happening. And yet, when you see it happening, it looks extremely fake as if they are shooting a fictional horror series. The crazy woman who killed the pets, she strings them across a road where no one even of unsound mind would do this. You might be crazy but you don't want to alert the world to it and doing this would leave no other choice as someones either going to stop when they see this or run through it and then stop to see what they hit.

It's a good show in regard to the fact that it's different than the other paranormal shows and it's somewhat well done in most regards. But it seems like we have someone who is completely new at directing and they are making numerous mistakes. The mark of a good program is that for as unbelievable as the subject material may be, you handle it in a way that is believable so that the entertainment level you are trying to achieve seems worth the viewers while.

Have you watched the gator and catfish shows? These are based on real life and culture. If you don't like watching when they kill the gators or are an animal rights activist, you cheer for the gators even though you know they won't win. In last nights episode of Swamp People, one of the hunters gave himself a hernia trying to pull a huge gator into their boat. I couldn't help but laugh because I don't like watching the show due to the fact the gators are pretty much helpless on a hook... just don't see the sport in this and they aren't killing them for food. I understand they're experiencing a gator population explosion and so, I don't mind the show in regard to them killing the gators as it is the very success of animal rights activists which has created this situation. But, we all have a sense of fairness and this show doesn't seem to be playing fair unless you see the human stars get injured or face being killed. Kinda like watching NASCAR because you want to see the cars crash and if you don't, you kind of feel you were ripped off.

That's kind of how I feel about Cryptid as something about the show seems a bit off and I get the feeling that the History channel is sending a message that they've gotten away with faking us out so far so now they're pushing the envelope to see just how gullible and stupid we really are. The closest thing to this show that I can relate it to is Lizard Lick Towing or one of the outdoor barbecue shows.

Have you seen the show and if so, what are your thoughts.